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Thread: irish ab/dl daddy

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    Default irish ab/dl daddy

    Hi there im Niall 32 from co'meath in ireland.... [Removed]
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    Hi, welcome to the site! However, this is a pg-13 site, so you may need to rework your intro as it looks a little like a dating request... Which is against the rules sorry!

    But, if this was just a misguided intro, hope you are able to make a more informed intro :-)

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    Cheer's bud ....yeah i've only started really using this site again......thanx

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    dam right buddy....never taught i'd bump into another ab/dl on a night out in bradys of all places lol......Dunboyne represent alright One love ..

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    Let me blow your mind even further, when i was like eight i think we may have played football together, my cus lived in the same estate and there was a huge game of football going on. But yeah off all places to meet another ab it would have to be bradys, that place has just everything now

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    lol footie on the old beechdale green now there's one alright....jasus that's going back a few year's alright

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    those games were awesome, well thats how i remember them anyway XD yeah its a good bit back, i remember the strangest things, yet i am terrible with names

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    lol bud your bad with name's least you can remember my short term memory and long term memory is all over the gaf dude

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    i wish i didnt remember things..... so many corpses, so many :P Is vodka and milk a thing??? im out of orange juice so im going to find out if its a thing

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