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Thread: Your first time!

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    Wink Your first time!

    ...Buying diapers, of course! :P

    Or pacifiers. Or a bottle. Or a onesie, or a stuffed get the picture! Post your first time experiences with buying/using various TB-items.

    I'll post mine in a bit :P

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    My first time was scary. I kept trying to back out but couldn't because I was too determined. I went to the store, bought them, and ran home. Each time after that, was not scary at all.

    For those afraid to buy diapers and TB/AB items, don't be.

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    First time, was I think from a cheap shop selling nappies, and I bought some and left them with my school clothes
    and told my mum I was going to wear them and she thought I was silly and I wasn't allowed lol, think I was about
    13 at the time.

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    I waited til the end of the school year and after getting off the bus I used the fact that my mom was gone and that they didn't know what time school got off to walk the thirty minutes to walgreens from my bus stop and then the 45 minutes back to my house to buy a pack of Depends Maximum Protection... they barely fit in my backpack, and I kept thinking it was a dream ^_^

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    Just a cheap shop selling nappies. Went in and looked around for like 10 mins then walked out. Went back in later and said 'I've forgot these' handing the cashier the pack all he said 'At least you remembered now' walked off home ^*

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    My first time... I bought a bottle.

    I live in a really small town, so It was hard.

    I remember waiting in the car untill my mom go inside a store, then I ran to the Drogaria São Bento (Brazil -q) and just bought the first bottle I saw. I was really afraid someone would see me.

    A week later I bought another bottle and a pacifier. I didn't really have any problem doing it.

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    I bought TB stuff a few days later. Now it's just a walk in the park

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    my first time was in trago mills at liskard, i got a plushie and a set of pacis along with my other shopping (guitar picks, the his dark materials trilogy and some prog rock cds) to make it look like they were for my siblings not me and i felt like i would be asked who they were for but it all got rung up and away i was. i now have now fear when buying

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    i always remember my first time i dont remember being to scared do....i bought a old pack of attends from a store i found out about in dublin i must of been 17 or 18

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    I've never had a problem buying any items. Quick in, quick out.

    My first was simple. Walked into small little grocery store, that had some diapers in it, and bought a pack.
    Not much was to it.
    Bought pacifiers and bottles a few weeks later, and now I have no problem buying anything. Not that I did in the beginning, but I always rushed. I never chickened out, but I felt uneasy-ish.

    Now I can sit down and compare the prices, and packages.

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