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    it has been raining non stop here for three days.i have been listening to my scanner and hearing where people went into high water and got stuck.that is just silly.the creek down the road is rising,which means the river has rose a lot.i hope it dosen`t flood ,because then i will have to listen to my brothers yapping.

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    that sucks, rain is ok for a couple days, but for that long... I feel you I get plenty of rain here so I understand

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    Oh, it's been raining constantly here, too, in Ohio. I'm enjoying it for the most part.

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    Over here in pa we are flooding in the background I hear lots of sirens

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    Rain's almost gone here... It dropped 42 degrees in 4 days. 100 on Saturday to 58 on Tuesday

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    By 4pm here certain citys must be evaced by 4 that's in one hour

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