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    I have tried different ways in dealing with my desire to use diapers.

    1. I denied it. On occasions I couldn't help myself using them I always felt a great shame and often threw away my diapers. I had problems with normal sexual activity
    2. I told my girlfriend. She didn't like it. I always felt like I did something wrong when I used them. Relationship ended. I had some problems with normal sexual activity.
    3. I told my next girlfriend much more smooth. We thought we had something fantastic in our relationship. We got married. I used diapers 24/7. She was great in the beginning. Normal sex was nice (but not very frequent). I became a little boy. Divorce.
    4. I didn't told my girlfriend everything. Since I sometimes wet the bed because of me getting used to diapers I said that I wet the bed. I didn't want her to be my mommy. I didn't want her to pretend. I just wanted diapers. Normal sex was fantastic (and is). I have told her that I also have a emotional bound to diapers. She also now that I also have a sexual connection to diapers. But I am incontinent in her eyes. I am incontinent in some aspects. I have used diapers 24/7 i so many years now (app 5-6 years) that I am used to letting go everywhere. I also have to do the part of trying to cure myself (i.e go see the doctor). I don't like that part. It's not a thing I would recommend others. Tests like systoscopy and uroflowmetry is not very nice. Maybe you would blame me?! But I love the fact that she doesn't have to take part in my diaper fetish. My dream has been to really have to use diapers. I am as close to that dream as I can be.

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    Hi Biago,
    welcome to Adisc. the dream you are describing is actually a nightmare, ask anyone who is actually Incontinent. if I read your intro correctly you are getting help to re potty train so that you won;t be IC anymore. in which case I applaud you, but if you are doing it to become IC and nappy dependant. Don't, because you have no idea of the impact it will really have on your life. Admittedly cyctoscopy is not pleasent, but urodynamics are more embarrasing than anything else. So if you could clarify that poit please for, are you trying to re-ptty train yourself, so you are not semi inco? Now that was a long intro but we wnast to know baout the person who's weraing the nappy and not about your love for it.

    So how about telling .us about your hobbies and interests, your career or job, your tastes in music, books and movies. tht sort of thing.

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