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    I used to listen to "Belle and Sebastian" (a Scottish indie-pop band) quite a lot.
    In one of their songs the lyrics goes:

    You think I'm faultless to a 'T'
    My manner set impeccably
    But underneath I am the same as you
    What does it mean to be faultless to a 'T'?
    Though I am not sure, I guess it's British slang of some sort.

    BTW, The song is named: Too much love.

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    Being anything "to a T" means that word completely describes you at all times and it is not possible to find an example of you not being that thing. So, "You think I'm faultless to a T" means "You think I have no flaws whatsoever", "you think i'm perfect in everything I do", and/or "you think my poop smells like roses" ;-)

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    i assume you've had a look around the internet for an explanation?
    since you now know what it means, you'll just be left wondering about it's origins. and since they're sketchy, it leaves the door wide open for me

    my idea is that it originates from the usefulness of the shape of T. T can be used for anything: building, engineering, ploughing.
    if you want something perfect, you use a T. don't argue with me about it, argue with physics, mathematics, christandom the blokes who used the shape in the past:
    Attachment 5727Attachment 5728
    (the first is of the type as used in building The Pyramids, the second as used in medieval building/engineering)

    and, yes, i said christandom: you've seen the shape of a crucifix, haven't you?
    makes sense to use something that's already square, as a guide or as a template for making one's own guides.

    of course, we, in this era, have our own versions, but you can't make those by hand and them be accurate and multipurposeful.

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