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Thread: Hey guys ^^

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    Default Hey guys ^^

    I'm Leaftail. I had an interest in wearing diapers since I was around 12. I've been trying to find the perfect DL forum for a while now and I think I've finally found it :3

    I am obsessed with Pokemon. It's been my favorite franchise since I was a little kid. My favorite's Leafeon (hence the username). I also like Yugioh: the Abridged Series (but I don't really care about the actual series...). My favorite color's pink and I like acting as silly and flamboyant as possible.

    I can't wait to start posting here and making friends ^^

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    Welcome to the site!!! yeah, this is by far THE BEST _B/DL forum on the web others are creepy and straight up gross. Umm well I'm not really a pokemon or yugio (I spelled it wrong didn't I?) fan. I used to be into pokemon back when it was still all original characters (like pikachu(once again, I spelled it wrong) and ash) but kinda drifted away after awhile, anyways hope to see ya around

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    Welcome to the site! Do you have any other interests besides pokemon? Do you have a favorite diaper? What sort of things do you like to do in your spare time?
    Hope to see you posting and having a good time. Remember if life gets you down we're here to back you up!

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    Let's see...

    1) no not really Pokemon is my life!
    2) Well, I haven't actually tried one on yet... but I wanna try a Bambino Bianco diaper :3
    3) Internet and video games. Also I'm in Cross Country. But I'm not very good at it...

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    Hey welcome to the forums, im fairly new here myself (compared to Adisc Veterans) but i also consider this the best site ive found in terms of community and support.
    From my experience everyone here is really friendly and welcoming so i'm sure you'll have fun here

    Like yourself i really like pokemon, saying that i kind of lost touch with it a bit when they brought out millions that i dont know the names of :P

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    Welcome home, Leaftail!

    If this isn't your home now, it will be soon. ADISC is a huge family of people with interests just like you (or me, for that matter), and everyone is supportive. In addition, there are some great "veterans" who can both answer questions and boot out creepers.

    Plus the fact that a lot of pokemon fans are prevalent on here...


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