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Thread: How do you do this whole regression thing?

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    Default How do you do this whole regression thing?

    Subject is the same as the title - what do you do to regress? What makes you feel little?

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    This question comes up from time to time, and so I have given it some thought. I personally think it's either something you do naturally, or you don't. As a little kid, I had a rich imagination. I played "pretend" very well, and as kids, we came up with all sorts of story lines, for lack of a better word. We'd play army, or cowboy and Indians, pirates, anything which involved play and imagination. The most poignant is "playing house", where one child is the daddy, another the mommy, and of course, the baby.

    Now as teens or adults, once the diaper goes on, the mind set should change. Diapers for me are sexual, so my regression can go quite far. I'm also a writer, so my fantasy world inside my head is alive and well. Once I'm in a diaper, and especially if I've wet it, there is this under lying, "I'm a baby, I'm a baby" going on in the background. Sometimes the idea is more front and center.

    Even if I'm not in diapers as it may be a work night, I am sleeping with my big teddy bear, and I can regress with my plushies, feel like I'm a little boy, feel that sense of peace and comfort and regress. I mentally go to that place when I was 3 or 4, sleeping with my two teddy bears. It's something that you can make happen, I believe. You simply have to find ways to make it happen. I would think back to when you were young and little, and with some object, either a plushie, pacifier, diapers, what ever your object of regression is, and let it take you to that distant and past place.

    And finally, I really like your avatar in conjunction with your screen name. I like the paradox between ThorTheSkullCrusher and the little Thor your avatar represents. Well done.

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    dunno if this'll be useful, since I rarely have time to.

    But, the way i regress is usually:
    1. pad up.
    2. put on a comfy t-shirt.
    3. grab a big thick blanket and plushies.
    4. watch cartoons, the sillier the better.
    5. think warm simple thoughts. or think in emotions.

    it's wierd having to describe, my language skills lack enough clarity and range to accurately pinpoint what I mean.

    Also, lil Thor. <3 I found the comic set that came from X3 cute story.

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    i grab my big teddy bear, put my diaper on,stick my pacifier in my mouth and go into dream land.

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    I usually pad up and then put on my overalls, sleeper or fox pajamas. Then, I might nom on something or play around online. Maybe I'll put on a Peanuts or Mickey Mouse movie. I usually make sure to bring along my Care Bear.

    I really don't have a set way to do it. I feel that if I do that too often, I'll get bored. More than anything, I just want to cub with someone else ^_^

    As for the emotions behind it, those have to come on their own. I can set up the scene, but regressing can't be forced, at least for me.

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