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Thread: Anyone else Diabetic?

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    Default Anyone else Diabetic?

    I was just curious if anyone else is diabetic.

    I'm type II

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    No, but my dad is type 1 so there's a chance that I will be.

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    I'm hypoglycemic. I've been struggling to keep it under control, but lately it's been winning :/

    Anyways, Diabetes runs in my family.

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    My grandfather on my dads side, and my grandmother on my moms side, both are diabetic. My mom is Borderline Type II, and I'm close to wondering if I may HypoGlycemia due to my Glucose levels being so low all the time

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    My wife is type I diabetic. She's in End Stage Renal Failure and so we do home dialysis. She's had extreme problems with her feet as both have Charcot foot bone degeneration. She had a foot ulcer which hasn't healed for six years until this summer. Yeah.....!!!! She's now out and about, driving herself to physical rehab. She can walk short distances, enough to go to restaurants and doctors.

    She has been on an insulin pump for 25 years or more. Most of her diabetic damage was done during the early years before they had electronic blood checkers and pumps.

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    *raises paw* been diabetic for about 1/2 my life, have had an insulin pump thankfully for most of it.

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    I am until I get smart enough to loose weight and get rid of an unnecessary heath issue. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by MusicalKid View Post
    I'm a diabetic too. I have type 1.5.
    Type 1.5????

    I am type 2, but on insulin, 4 shots a day.[COLOR="Silver"]

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    Quote Originally Posted by PPpants View Post
    Type 1.5????

    I am type 2, but on insulin, 4 shots a day.[COLOR="Silver"]
    Type 1.5 is the new way to describe what I use to be know as. Insulin Resistant.
    I was finger sticking 3 years and when my thyroid went normal and then I spiked 500+ and was put on Metformin that day. ):

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