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Thread: Losing socks...

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    Default Losing socks...

    This will sound silly but I have a habit of losing but one sock while i am wearing them. Sometimes both. I rub my feet together and tend to not notice the missing one. While fairly redundant to talk about it does have childish innocence to it. Anyone else had or have this habit, or find some apeal?

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    You lose them while wearing them? I only lose them in the depths of my room, or the infamous dryer monster

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    uh huh alot also i always make my bed in the morning to find socks in there i also never wear matching sock

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    When I wear socks to bed in the winter, I always wake up with one on and one off. So when it comes time to wash my sheets, I have a small collection at the foot of my bed. >w<

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    When i'm sleeping I usually slip off my socks. So if i'm missing some I check under my covers or bed.

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    Option # 1: Get a footed sleeper, then you would never lose the socks!!

    Option # 2: Sleep barefooted, no socks to lose at all that way!!

    Option # 3: Duct tape!! Tape them bad boys on, although getting them off in the morning would be a pain!!

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    I tend to lose anything that I have on. Necklaces , collars, gloves, socks almost anything at night. :3

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    Vincentthebird: sleeping with ANYTHING around your neck is very hazardous.

    i lose my socks because my bro and I wear same size socks...soooo...we get each other's socks all the time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincentthethird View Post
    I tend to lose anything that I have on. Necklaces , collars, gloves, socks almost anything at night. :3
    Hint: Sleep naked! No chance to lose anything that's not (more or less) firmly attached to your body


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