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Thread: Release for the urge of dressing the other side?

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    Red face Release for the urge of dressing the other side?


    I don't have supplies for a dressing on the other side, but what could be some releases for dressing as such? It's one of those beginning urges that I really want to satisfy. I have the perfect body and all that . AGH.


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    Perhaps a few more sentences? Dressing on the other side meaning dressing as a different age or gender?

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    Gender, Gender sorry. Just some general releases.

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    Releases like jerking off?

    Or do you mean low profile or cheap ways to pursue your fantasy? Go to Walmart or wherever and buy some panties or lingerie. Won't cost you $20 I bet.
    You can even wear them under your clothes for a low key thrill all day long.

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    No no, Well it's not exactly the easiest question to answer. I mean, like I wana answer to the urge i wana do things on the other side ( the more feminine dressing attire - pish posh) . Not going out and buying anything. Meh. All suggestions are welcome.

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    Okay, you're looking for ways to release your desire to dress as a girl, without going out and buying any girl clothes?

    I think there are websites where you can upload a picture of your head/neck and it will show you pictures of what you'd look like in the dresses and outfits they sell.

    You can take some of your white clothes, and wash them together in a little bit of bleach with some new red clothes, and the white clothes will turn a bit pink. You might find that kinda girly/feminine.

    If you have some old jeans, cut the legs off and make them very short shorts ("Daisy Dukes") and wear them with a tight shirt.

    I don't have any more ideas, because I've never tried - I haven't had an "urge of dressing the other side" at all, at any time. Though a lot of people don't really ever want to wear diapers. So I understand how we just don't get to pick our obsessions/fetishes sometimes...

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    I really like your jean-cutting idea. Unfortunately, my wardrobe is in open doors so I obsiously can't keep them there, but will have to find a place to hide them. I hate skinny jeans but I guess I wish I had some now.

    Thanks Whisk+o

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