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    Hi everyone! I'm a college student, studying biology. I hope to go into public health.

    I like diapers, and am a dl. I occasionally wear goodnites to class, and I have also worn depends. I haven't worn too much else, and while I do wear sometimes when I'm sleeping, I don't actually wear that often.

    I enjoy music, going to museums, coffee, tea, and having fun. I'm a big book nerd, and am starting to learn programming (java). I enjoy science fiction and fantasy. I'm in a new city, so am still learning my way around places!

    I'm glad adisc is here, and hope to find some people (college students?) to be pen-pals with, and have some good message board discussions!

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    Well, Not being one I can tell you there are many college peeps on Adisc. Welcome. Adisc is a great place for us to talk. Although I do Have one question: Any specific biology your studying? I hope to be a marine Biologist.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply! I have studied some anatomy and physiology, but I'll be taking courses in microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, and cellular bio. Since I'm interested in public health, I'm also taking some math, biostatistics, and epidemiology.

    What interests you in marine biology? Any particular plants/animals?

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    Hi Solviturambulando,
    Welcome to Adisc, that is some name, mind if I shorten it to Sol? A nice intro, but how about just a little bit more info? So waht type of music do you like, what sci-fi/fan authors and books do you like, favourite moveis, any other hobbies or interests. Is this your first time away from home? things like that, give people a little taste of yourself. Other than that I'm sure you will meet laods of people in similar curcumstances and with shared likes and dislikes. It's been many, many years since I went to college, so probably don't qualify. But have a look around, find a couple of forums you are interested in and jump in and enjoy.

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