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Thread: Finding good Babyfur/furry art?

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    Default Finding good Babyfur/furry art?

    I do consider myself a furry, and i do like the pictures i have seen on FA (FurAffinity) and Deviantart. But i don't really like FA as much because finding a specific piece is hard (i.e when you go to the browse link and try to look for something, there is no way to list them through most views or favorites) Is there any other sites for art?

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    My personal favorite art is by furryjadefox, in fact i had a picture from there as my avatar, but i guess it is against the rules/law to do that since it had a watermark on it. Lame...
    Just go to

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    At FA, when you browse for art, you can filter it using several options, however I suggest you only use one, two if you want to get very specific.

    Browsing Artwork -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    In the drop-down menu that lists the different types of art (the second menu from the left), scroll down until you see the category
    Fetish / Furry Specialty (Tame)
    Under this category, you should find "Baby fur (Tame)"

    From here you can search and you will find mostly only baby fur artwork. You can, however, specify the type of species you would like to find in the species drop down menu on the search menu. Note that Dogs, and other canines are listed as Canids, so if you wanted to find a wolf, it would be listed alphabetically under C (Canid - Wolf). If the species your looking for isn't listed, I suggest not using that search filter and just going straight for Baby fur.

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    Also, Furaffinity has a search function.

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    im trying to join furaffinity but it hasnt sent me the emal

    also im kinda new to the fur

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    Yeah, go to FA and browse through babyfur - tame. Wide array of cubby stuff ^^

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