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Thread: Diaper reccommendations for smaller female?

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    Default Diaper reccommendations for smaller female?

    I have tried Depends (plentiful in stores) and Bambinos. That's IT! Expressing my DL side is pretty new to me. I have been "out" for about a year, but experimenting for about 4 months.

    The Depends were ok, but I KNOW they could be more. I thought I found those with Bambinos, but the Bambinos were just way too big for me. Their smallest size is a medium. I need something like Bambinos, except size small. (I am 5'2 and weigh about 110-115)

    I want to be able to try some out before committing to a bigger package. Also, I won't even bother if it doesn't have a plastic exterior. I prefer leg gathers and elastic waistband.

    Can anyone reccommend a plastic diaper that comes in a size small that I can order in sample packs? Or reccommend websites? Discreet shipping is a MUST!


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    Depending on your waist size, I would say a sample pack of Abena S4's or M4's from XP Medical.

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    Definitely Abena S4's. They are really good. :3

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    Thanks! Just saw there are even some XS on the XP Medical site!

    Joining this site was definitely a great idea... only wish I had found it sooner!

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    cushies are a favorite not sure on sizes though :/

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    another hat in the ring for the abena x-plus, your size is S or M probably. Don't automatically go with the 4's, the 3's are a lot cheaper and a bit easier to walk in without giving up much padding.

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    I know Abena and Tranquility both offer their products in youth sizes, and it shouldn't be too hard to locate a trial sized package. If even the small sizes are too big for you, x-small or youth will be the way to go.

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    I use X-small, I'm a bit. Taller than you but a bit lighter but I reckon we would have similar sized waist

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