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Thread: New fav pokemon?

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    Default New fav pokemon?

    Today, I got the pokemon card vullaby, that says it's diapered pokemon. May be my new favorite, anyways just thought it was interesting.

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    It doesn't look anything like a diaper. More like a shell that hasn't broken off yet. Kind of like togepi, except vullaby is not cute.

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    IMO that's quite possibly the ugliest Pokemon yet :/

    I always thought it was funny that it's based off a baby but it doesn't even evolve until level 54.

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    *posting because I thought it was funny someone called Digimon made a Pokemon thread*

    Team wise and usefulness I would say either Zebstrika or Seismitoad. However in Seismitoad's case I HATE that he cant learn ice beam. That was always my most useful pokemon in i the party. My Ground/water type. To name a few Sir Quiggs, Kipper, and Wiskar (Quagsire, Swampert, and Whiscash respectfully) Were the bosses of bossness. Well until grass showed up and kicked their can =\ but really unless they have a tortera or venisaur I rarely see people with an active grass type in their team. *nerd moment over lol*

    (also i havent played much of diamond and pearl or Black and white so my knowledge of them usually is just what I have tried or got far enough to experience)

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