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    Hi, my name is Dante Renos (name that mommy give me), im honest, kind, shy person, im not very good talking so scuse me for this post (im trying to use the cheat sheet). My english its not very good, my native language is spanish. I like honst people, love diapers and abs.
    IM here because i ahve the same interes that all of us... Diapers, but im here too cause i love being an AB, i havent be an ab a long time so, i want to learn a little bit from everybody.
    Im a student , im graduating this year, ill study medicine or biomedical engeenering, i love Music (rock,jazz,classic,reggae,ska), i love reading a good book, and watching a good movie. Im going to study in usa (im from colombia), im going there in january... mmmmm, Dont know what more to said about me XD (if you wan to ask anithing post and ask, ill answer).
    Im here because i want to know more about ab/dl world, talk about this subject, have some support, and share experiences =).
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    Hi Dante,
    welcome to Adisc. Your english is very good, so don't worry about that, and you have also written a very good intro. You might want to look at your profile as you have put both AB and TB which will be a little confusing for some people. When you say that is the name your mummy gave you is that your real Mother? or an on-line or virtual mummy who looks after ab's? Or are you one of the few lucky ones who has a real mummy who takes care of your ab/sissy side?

    I see you've also listed IC, may I ask what sort it is and how long you've had it? There is a sub forum for those of us with IC in the Diaper Talk forum, so we will probably meet up in there and I hope in other forums, although there are some things we don't have in common.

    Moving to the US will be a big step, where abouts are you going to study (what state or city or university)?

    A few more questions as I don't want to scare you away, you say a you like a good book and movie, so which authors do you like and what are you favourite movies and do you like a certain type, (horror, sci-fi etc) or are you like me, if I see a movie I think looks interesting, I'll probably go watch it. Anyway lots to think about there so welcome again, and if I can help you in any way or you have questions for me, then please feel free to ask. In the meantime find a few forums you like the look of and jump in, you will find most people are kind, honest and supportive.

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    Wow, that was fast, ty for the compliments =)

    The tb and ab, was an error, im ab (im 19), dante renos its tha name my virtual mother gave me , i havent a real mother yet, but im teravleing to usa, so ill meet she there, im a bit scared =P thas one of the reasons im here, to have some support. Ic was another erro, sorry i not incontinent =).
    First im going to houston, texas. Im going to visit some family i got there, and to practice my english, then ill study in usa or canada, i think usa (got family there), if i study medicine probably ill study in Baylor, i f i study biomedical engeenering i dont know where =p.

    I love Tolkien books, doltoievsky, chesterton... my faorites books are, 1984 (george orwell), fahrenheit 451, the lor of the rings....
    Movies, i love the movies that have an philosophical compliment, like matrix, truman show,etc. also like the shawshank redemption.
    If i see a movie seems interesting i watch it too =)

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    Ooh I see you like a lot of different genres of music, do you play any instruments? I play the tenor/alto sax, also who is your all time favorite group/solo artist/whatever else there is?
    Anyways welcome to the site, I hope to see you around!

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    Yeah i forgot, im lerning to play the violin =), my faovourite artist? mmmmmm, i dont know, i like lots of artists... i love nirvana... yeah! i think nirvana!

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    I tried playing the violin for like a week, but I was awful and it sounded like scratching fingernails on a chalkboard lol, I like some nirvana stuff too, but I tend to stay more in hip-hop, funk, and country music. (I know my musical tastes are all over the place lol)

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    =p same here, but my teacher its very kind and she helped me alot, im not very good with the violin, but im progressing XD
    i like all kinds of music too, but i dont like rap, or hip hop =(

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    Hi Dante,
    thanks for the answers and don't worry about the mistakes we all make them. I too like Tolkien and have read most of his stuff, you might want to try C.S.Lewis and his Narnia books they are very good as well, and yes I agree about 1984 by Orwell and farenheit 451 by Bradbury. Hated the matrix, haven't seen the truman show but not that keen on Jim Carey or whatever his name is. Shawshank is probably my no1 favourite non war film. Have you seen The Green Mile, a Stephen King story with Tom Hanks, a really good film.

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    HEvent see it... ill borrwo it today =) love sthepen king histories

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