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    Default washing terry nappies

    Hi All,
    can anyone (especially inthe UK) offer some aadvice as to which is the best product for washing terry nappies. I have just orderd half a dozen new ones and I don't want to make the same mistakes that I made with my older ones. I know I should use a non bio, without conditioner, as conditioner tend to make them less absorbant, and I am primarily urinary IC so major staining isn't really a problem. So suggestions please.

    Also drying, I can't put them out on the line, due to a petroleum plant a few miles away, anthing put on the line get's covered in almost like a sooty grease and has to be washed again, so everything has to be dryed in a dryer, is there one of these tumble dryer sheets that any one would recommend.


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    Well, in a ecological baby products page from my country, they suggest Ecos, it's also available in the UK... at least it can be found in amazon =P hope that helps.

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    PCBaby: Out of curiosity, what mistakes did you make before? I could probably learn from them, as I just got my first cloth diapers this last week.

    I understand that "normal" fabric softners are no good, but I found that a number of cloth diaper websites recommended using distilled white vinegar as an all-natural softner (add to the rinse cycle). And vinegar is sooooo inexpensive! Here's one such website. Apparently, some of the fabric softners that are actually marketed as "green" are ok to use also.

    In preparation for use, I've already washed my diapers six times and I did add some white vinegar to a few of those loads just to see what would happen. The fabric didn't really need it yet, and consequently I didn't notice much of a difference. But time will tell!


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    thank you both, yes Eco is avaialable in most supermarkets here in the uk.

    Hi Lilleaker, mainly i used a bio liquid with a conditioner which flattens the pile and affects the absorbency, but I shall have a look at that website and see what they say./ I have heard of the vinegar and also tea tree oil, a few drops in the nappy pail and a few drops in the wash as it's a natural antiseptic

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    Typically when I wash them, I just use ordinary laundry detergent, sparing use of vinegar and the like for times when I feel as though the detergent has built up and they could use a bit of freshening. I worry about using vinegar too much and accelerating break-down of the fibers.

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    Do you use a sanitizing solution in the nappy pail? The same people who make Eco also make Violet's Magic Laundry Sanitiser with Lavender. We found that something like htis really does help and means you can use ordinary non-bio detergents at quite low temperatures. The order page is at Eco Laundry : BABY SCENTS and although the products are not cheap they may help avoid problems with rashes etc. caused by chemical residue after laundering.

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    My gran used nappysan (to soak the nappies in) when my uncles and dad were in cloth nappies, you could also use savlon disinfectant (the orange one). then just wash as normal.
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    i use Morrisons' non-bio on a 60C cycle. if you're using a tumble dryer, i read recently about there being a fire hazard due to the young 'uns washing nappies on the currently popular low temperature cycles and these low temperatures don't wash out ointments and the like which then combust in the tumble dryer. i keep trying to find the article, but it's like looking for a saftey-pin in a nappy-stack.
    oh aye, i don't use softener, but use 'frost protection fleece' as a soft liner.
    and for disinfecting, my habit was to use Morrisons' own brand of Dettol (nice smell), but i've lately taken to using their own lemon disinfectant as it's only 30p a bottle (or was. prices are over the place, nowadays) and that contains lemonine which is supposed to be a stonking degreaser.

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    thanks for the info Ade,
    I used to use sudocrem which is a sod to wash out of anything, but I know use cavilon durable barrier cream, it's non greasy, a little bit goes a long, long way, you don't have to replace it after every nappy change and wash, will last for 36 to 48 hours unless you are a newborn and going throrugh 12/13 nappies a day, and it's also designed not to clog up pads, disposables or terry nappies or alter their absorbency, which a lot of other creams do. It also washes out at 30c or above.

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