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    Hi I'm looking to get some new nappies. I use underjams atm but would like a proper taped nappy. I have a 32" waist and am 83kg am I better off getting children nappies or adult. Any help with brands would be great cheets

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    You might possibly be able to fit into a pampers baby dry size 6 or then you'll have to go for medium sized adult ones.

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    Ok then thank you. You wouldn't know the best adult 1 in the UK would u as I'm new to adult one's
    What type do you wear?

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    Hi Walkinz, I would suggest you make the switch to adult ones. have alook at these web sites, one of then does reasonably priced sample packs with various brands in.

    This one is the one I order from, they'e the ones that do sample packs and if you can get to Telford you can collect so no postage to pay:-

    Economy Classic Fit All in One - Disposable All in One Products

    I have also used this company in the past:-

    Disposable Incontinence Pants from Tena, Molicare and Depend.

    hope that's some help.

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    Ok then thanks very much I will check these websites out.
    Appriciate the help.

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    My pleasure, just yell if there is anything else I can help you with.

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    Look out for discount vouchers from Incontinence choice - a firm I have found to be very good and cometitively priced as well as offering speedy delivery.

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    I would suggest looking in lidl for there taped diapers. 10 for 28 diapers (1 pack) and 13 for two packs

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    If you're after a bargain try looking on gumtree I've bought nappies from sellers on there twice now,
    adult nappies - Birmingham - Classifieds

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    try the pampers. if you fit into a size 6, you are lucky and stick with it. they're easier to get too

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