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Thread: If diapers were accepted......

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    Default If diapers were accepted......

    Lots of posts and threads speak about the excitement of wearing diapers in social situations and on other forums people who are incontinent talk about the unfairness of the general public's prejudice against adult nappies.

    If this discrimination didn't exist would some of the mystique and allure of wearing disappear? If it did would life be simpler with people being free to wear for sexual gratification or neccesity without having to worry about what others think?

    I know this isn't likely to happen but if discrimination disappeared would the antagonism to "recreational" diaper wearers from some sections of the incontinent community vanish as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dayannight View Post
    would some of the mystique and allure of wearing disappear?

    I'm mostly into the bondage / diaper punishment thing. I have grown to enjoy diapers on there own, but if they became common place as you describe, a big part of this would end for me.

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    I think a lot of the thrill comes from the fact that it is so taboo. Society has told us that after 3 years old we should be potty trained and us a toilet. Yet, all of us refute this and choose to walk around in our own absorbed urine. I posted a similiar post Here asking more the reason behind why we love diapers the way we do. It's a very complicated animal. It can be put simply as we like them because they make us feel safe, but I learn new things about my fetish all the time and I just don't believe it to be so simple. Another question I often ask myself is this...if I could be cured of this fetish with a pill...would I take the pill?

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    Or, more importantly, would you be happy with who and what you are after the pill?

    As far as acceptance goes, I only ever tell my true feelings about diapers to people that I implicitly trust. To others I just say that I have a bladder issue, or that I have a hard time making it to the bathroom. It's not completely honest, but most people also don't care what goes on in my nether regions and if push came to shove, I could always "prove" that I'm using them.

    Things like sexual gratification should be kept private anyhow as the general world, quite frankly, doesn't need to know what gets you off.

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    If diapers were socially acceptable, we would be making threads called "What if Diapers Weren't Socially Acceptable?"

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    I don't think it would make a difference. Our sexual preferences are simply not chosen. Think about it this way, being gay was once VERY taboo. Yet I am sure people were still gay behind closed doors. Today, in much of the world, it is not at all taboo - and if anything, it has encouraged more gay people to come out and enjoy their essential sexualities, instead of hiding it to themselves or others. It clearly hasn't made being gay any less fun - at least not from the looks of it from an outsider's perspective. Acceptance would encourage us to be more open to ourselves, our partners and the outside world. That would be a very good thing.

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    It might lose the appeal for people to whom the taboo part is most intriguing. For others, who enjoy them because they feel nice, or for regression aids, I don't believe it would make a difference.

    Perhaps more people who already had this side latent in their personalities would recognize it, if diapers were socially acceptable, for they may be more likely to entertain the possibility.
    But I don't believe so; I think if you have this interest, you're most likely going to realize it, whether or not it is socially acceptable. It's not like you don't know that you would enjoy it because you've never heard of it; everyone has seen a diaper before.

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