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    Has anyone had first hand experience of wearing these harnesses called spreader pants. The have an impossibly large plastic gusset that forces your legs wide apart making it impossible to walk. I've seen them on you tube, a few online stores and a hypnosis audio site. Me, I love the idea of being only able to crawl but want to know if anyone has tried them. Are they safe? can they be undone by the wearer. I assume they can be wore with a diaper. My legs can spread fairly wide (I can no longer do the splits) but they look a bit punishing.

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    I've seen them advertised but not tried them, although I have/am considering them as I need some sort of leg spreeading device to sleep in due to my hip pain, caused by hip dysplasia (I'm really pigeon toed)

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    Not me personally, but there was a thread on this some time in the past, and I think that there was some people in the discussion who have used them but I'm not sure so don't hold me to it!

    You could try searching the forums.

    EDIT: the thread I was referring to is called: "spreaders, for that perfect waddle an tripled feeling", I would link to it but I'm using Tapatalk and it would be a pain. Plus I'm lazy! :P

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    I could understand it being pleasurable for someone who was into forced regression, which is not my bag. Nice concept, though.

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    Nope, but I do plan on making myself this device soon enough...

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    saw on a site called ab-versand a suit that had a huge pad in between the legs, seems like it might serve the same purpose with less strain on the legs.

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