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    When you play video games, when, how, and where do you do it?

    Personally I prefer footie pajamas, MAM 6+, and a warm, wet Abena X-Plus late at night in my bed.

    What about you?

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    I often find when playing games that when they get intense, my bladder starts begging for release. For instance, I was playing GTA4 a few weeks ago (I know, I'm late to the party on that one) and during the bank robbery mission, I was getting frightened and my bladder kept wanting release. I've found that if I wear a diaper while gaming, I can just let it go as I need to without any interruptions. When I'm gaming is my favorite time to wear.

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    There seem to be quite a lot of references on the web to people who use diapers to avoid interrupting gaming sessions - a bit like a friend of mine who wore them on Friday evenings to the pub as he had found by trial and error that a few pints affected his bladder control significantly.

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    When i played before i sold my xbox i wore a diaper and hugged my teddy whilst playing, I would add my footie to that now i got one.

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    I've been padded whilst gaming when I could, just a plain diaper and nothing much more because I don't have it. It's quite nice to not have the need to interrupt a gamingsession for toilet breaks. The best however is that I can play horror games without worries of wetting when I get scared.

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    I've done this in past and love it. Only problem is that my parents can be nosy at times so I can't really wear them anywhere but bed unless I'm home alone. Such a shame

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    For horror movies I just expect whats coming next and just start to shake, never ever needed the toilet :P But while gaming I'll try and be padded in the day but at night when my family is asleep I will be always padded. If you guys don't mind I can share my Xbox GT?

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    When I lived with roommates and my bathroom was located up a set of stairs, oh yeah. Diaper central.

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    When I play padded, I just sit on my bed with only a t-shirt and the diaper. It's great to just let it go while playing.

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    When I've played padded in the past, I've sat on my bean bag chair in a nice Depends Maximum without a shirt. I don't pay too much attention to the diaper as I do to the game, though. It's usually something on the PS2.

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