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    Default So... LA Noire

    I finally got to play this game and so far... just... blowing... my mind... AWAY!. Just beautiful graphics, I like the game play, and I like the story so far. I love 1947 LA, and I am just utterly loving how beautiful the game is so far. A friend loaned it to me and I just... can't believe the game so far. Wow.

    I've been messing on it for a few hours and just... beautiful.


    Anyone else playing this game so far or not?

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    The game is great! I was a little disappointed but oh well, it's a decent game. They copied Los Angeles quite well, you could even look up the roads in LA Noire on google maps and they will exist!

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    I was given the game, but haven't yet had a chance to play it.

    Yay for free games!

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    I enjoyed it, but it was too much of a "visual novel." Not much gameplay and it was extremely slow paced. The story, cases and the detective work, however, were all wonderful in my opinion, and the characters were memorable.

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    I saw the adds on tv for it and it looked like my kind of game. Maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas.

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    I like sandbox games like LA Noire the best.

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