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Thread: FurFright??

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    Default FurFright??

    So is anyone going this year?

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    I would love to, but sadly no, I chose to go to rainfurrest instead.

    Next year my con schedule will go as follows. January-Further Confusion, June-AnthroCon, August-Rocky Mt. Fur Con, October-Furfright.

    Have to find another convention between January and June. But I really want to go to furfright, from what I have heard that one is a blast.

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    I'm not going to any cons for a couple more years, but be sure to say hi to Immelman! I think he goes to FurFright.

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    I'll be there this will be my second FF and might be my last for a while since i want to go to different cons that are around this time next year.

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    whats furfright?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluesteak View Post
    whats furfright?
    its a halloween-themed Furry convention in Connecticut, USA its kinda a small one but is still lots of fun.

    FurFright 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockie View Post
    Sounds like fun, but no :-( BTW turban! --> @:|
    no what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddy View Post
    no what?
    meaning that I can't come to furfright... :-(

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    <gratuitous plug> Everyone should come to FWA, its going to be crazy good this year =D </gratuitous plug> ;D
    Furry Weekend Atlanta : Furries at the Moulin Rouge - Atlanta, GA 15-18Mar

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