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    Cool introduction

    hello all im christiii,
    im 19, straight, male, from manchester area but i shant publicly pinpoint my location. I like to wear nappies though i will not attempt to purchase or wear until i live on my own. anyways i hope i can make some friends here.

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    Hey! So, are you originally from Manchester and living in Austria? Or the other way round? Just a bit confused by your location on the left there...

    Regardless, welcome! I'm sure you'll make some friends here - especially if you throw yourself into the forums and IRC We're also strong believers in keeping our personal details to ourselves, so... You shouldn't have anyone asking you for specifics on your whereabouts We're very anti-dating/hookup here

    Just a few basic questions, then... To get to know you a little better...

    ... Who do you currently live with - parents? And are you just too paranoid to do anything there, or are there other reasons?
    ... Do you have a favourite kind of music?
    ... What kinda hobbies do you have?
    ... Is there a girlfriend around? Or one on the horizon?
    ... What would your 'Last Meal' consist of?

    Don't hesitate to ask us any questions in return, by the way - and just enjoy the site!

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    Hi Christii,
    welcome tothe group and yes that is a tad confusing, but if you;'re in manchester then welcome to the ever growing number of members based inthe UK

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