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Thread: "OS Pages Pool Memory" Error in TF2

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    Default "OS Pages Pool Memory" Error in TF2

    Well, aside from it lagging me to death, its an extremely fun game. I take 2 or 3 minutes to start up the game and after I click on a server and try to join, then the game freezes on "Sending Client Information" step...and it takes ~3-5 minutes...that's a separate issue.

    My real issue is I play for less than 5 minutes, and I get some text in the top right of my screen that says "WARNING: OS PAGED POOL MEMORY LOW", and a minute or two later the game crashes.

    My system:
    1GB RAM
    60GB HDD (~30GB available)
    NVIDIA GeForce Go 7200 (256 MB)
    2GB paging file.

    I don't have a spare drive to put another paging file on...But I am not happy about spending $40 on something that works well on my brother's computer (Same model, but with 2GB RAM)...Oh well...Please help?

    Thanks to any one who can help out...

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    Sounds like the paging file is to small though if you have already tried that you may straight up just need more ram. Have you checked to see if there are any updates or patches for the game?

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    Sounds like you're probably running out of RAM for some reason. Try making sure everything in the background is closed when you run TF2 and I'd also add another gig of RAM or two.

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