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Thread: Back to School! Anyone going to classes padded?

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    Default Back to School! Anyone going to classes padded?

    So, who's wearing this semester? Notice how I say semester and not 'year'... This is for the mature adults who are wearing to college/grad school ...

    Plus, I'd be downright terrified of wearing to high school. With invasive students, rumors, no privacy and people with nothing better to do- it's just a recipe for disaster.

    However, it seems to be a different ballgame in college. You don't see your classmates around the rest of campus, most college students are overwhelmed with personal stress, and self-involved- and wouldn't even notice a dry 24/7 under your pants! Plus, you're going to classes with more well-rounded individuals, so it's more likely to be 'brushed away' as a medical issue if someone notices.

    So this semester, my classes are all 2+ hours long (with the longest being 3h15m). The buildings are ice-cold and I'm usually finishing my coffee while driving to campus. I decided my 2nd day (after freezing in class on the opening day!) that I'd wear whenever I pleased to class. It's really nice, keeps my body temperature up and I don't have to leave for the bathroom mid-lecture.

    Currently, I've been wearing my Abena M3's to school. They're much slimmer than the X-Plus, but still hold 3+ wettings, which I never seem to get to anyway before getting home.

    Just wondering if anyone else uses them for long lecture classes or just because it's not as big of a deal on campus...

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    Well I'm a senior in high school, and I go to college at night if that counts. I've worn pull ups to school a few times and I liked that, plus I get out of school at 1pm and I don't have a gym class, so for me it's not a big deal. I'm interested in wearing a diaper to my classes at night, just for fun, and because the campus is so far from me, I don't know anybody else who attends that campus. I'm waiting for winter time though for when I can wear many layers and hide my diapers a little better.

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    I've worn Secure X-Plus's to college classes before. Kind of a mistake since, you know, they're loud as fuck and all.

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    Well I just got done with my first week of the semester. I'm at school for 12 hours on Monday and Wednesday, so I take that opportunity to wear diapers. I've been wearing M4's with some compression shorts. The shorts are really, REALLY great for hot weather and they do a good job of hiding a bulky diaper under baggy clothes. I can't wait until Winter though so I can finally start using my onesie as both an undershirt and support for my diaper. It is way too hot to even think about wearing an undershirt right now.

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    Back in highschool I wore Pampers at least twice a week to school.
    Now I wear either ABU Chushies or Attends every day to collage.

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    Hell no.

    I went in on a day off, to meet the person I work with, and I fucking leaked all over the chair. Those dark half-moons are a bitch.

    I've never struggled as much as that day having to try and exit the room, her behind me, and strategically hang my bag over my ass.

    Never, ever, ever again.

    Public, yes. Shopping, yes. Uni? Hell no.

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    I wore Pampers to class in college probably a dozen times. It was good for a rush. In those big lecture halls, it's often pretty easy to put some space between yourself and your neighbors. Pampers were a bit thicker back then, and no less fragrant, but if anybody ever saw or smelled anything, they never let on.

    Now that I'm out in the workforce, I've certainly wondered about wearing to the office... but never done it. Not sure I'm that daring!


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    I doubt it. I wore in junior high and it was fun. But there were no long term conciquences to being caught. I can't say the same for now where networking is just as important as the classes.

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    Right now my roommates are pre-gaming for the club and I'm pre-gaming for when they leave with cranbury juice. =D

    Funny thing is one of the people here thinks I'm drinking straight jack.

    I might wear to class tomorrow. It seems dangerous enough to be fun for my 1hr of class.

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    I'm so mad I never thought of decompression shorts!! Where's a good place to get them? Sporting good stores? I bet they'd really help hold them in place, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanDanSuperman View Post
    Hell no.

    I went in on a day off, to meet the person I work with, and I fucking leaked all over the chair. Those dark half-moons are a bitch.
    Dark half moons? I don't get it . Anddd what kind were you wearing? That sounds like a nightmare!

    I've gotten close to leaking last semester, but I just took it off and used the potty the rest of the day

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    And I also reeeally can't wait for winter! It's 100% humidity here, too. I can't wait for my baggy hoodies that hide my bulge completely!

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