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    Well today i was at the Nugget (casino in my area) and i saw the addicting game, Stacker with a PS3 and Xbox 360 so i was like "Holy god i have to win!!" well since i was wit my friends i was kinda jumpy and missed the tower a couple times...i think it was my 5th time ($5 down) when i hit the final bar to the "Major Prize" it was goin really really fast back and forth, my friends were going nuts, and i was sweaty lol. but anyways.....i have SUPER good Hand-eye coordination so i made almost like a beat to it! doo doo...doo doo...doo doo... and i missed by ONE square!!!! i was so pissed that i had to kick something! (lol it's a habit) But i had to know......who else played this game and let it get your spirits up then smash them to the ground like a moth in your path?

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    is that that game sort of like Tetris only more insane? Once I was at boomers over in Livermore, California with my school on a feild trip. I tried that game where you have to stop the spinning lights on a red bulb to win. I finally got one and all they had were DVD's in it. So I was like "how do I pick!" the machine then picked for me since I was taking to long for it. So I asked the manger if I can trade in the shitty "Armageddon" DVD after explaining I didn't know how to pick the prize.

    He said he'll do it this once and I got to pick which DVD I wanted out of the machine. I picked the 20th or 25th anniversary edition of "The Fox And The Hound". All the other kids were mocking me for not getting Tokyo Drift but I am a TB and "The Fox And The Hound" is a great classic.

    Other then that situation I had countless near hits on such arcade games.

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    Stacker is a game you play to relieve you of all your money, so the poor casino owners, like the mob, can keep the lights on, we all know ho poor those guys are we have to help them.

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    Stacker Tips and Knowledge for the Arcade Blurblog Maybe this could help. I find it easier to build against the walls, anyways the online version is very easy, I always win the minor but I can never get the 2nd to the bottom bar.

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    Oh that...I've seen that...I've never played it, because I'd probably lose...The one thing like that that I can win, are claw machines

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    We have that machine in arcades around here, but none of them have good prizes like an Xbox 360 or 30GB iPod! O_O

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    I guess the machine realy " STACKED " your hopes up.

    Hahahaha I couldnt resist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by secret101 View Post
    I guess the machine realy " STACKED " your hopes up.

    Hahahaha I couldnt resist.
    lol ya nice one!

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    Stacker is rigged to give a fixed number of payouts for major prizes. You had no chance to survive.

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