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Thread: Intel vs. AMD?

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    Default Intel vs. AMD?

    Question is simple, Intel or AMD?

    Also, what is your reasoning behind your choice?

    Mine is AMD. Similar performance, lower price, and it gets the job done.

    What about you?

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    If I ever have the funding, I'd go with intel since they've had the better chips for a few generations. However I go where ever is best for my needs.

    As for GPU's Nvida all the way, but I would but ATI if the price/preformance was right. However I love me some CUDA processing. I know ATI has there own system, but CUDA's seemed to be more popular.

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    Depends on the money, amd and Intel are fairly similar if i had enough i would fork out 200 + for an i5/i7 chip

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    I largely prefer Intel, their processors are better and the architectures of their processors are far superior to AMD's. Also add in the hypertreading that the i7 supports, which makes things such as rendering movies must faster.
    Unfortunately I'm poor, so I had to buy AMD, so of course I'm not saying that AMD is bad or anything, they are great if you are low on cash, but still Intel is far superior and it well worth the money if you can afford it haha.

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    My uncle laid out many issues with the chip designs Intel uses which are beyond my understanding as he is an electrical engineer.

    I go with AMD and haven't had a complaint yet.

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    As a whole I feel like intel is better but you get more bang for your buck with AMD.

    Nvidia/Ati frequently trade places for "best" in terms of clocks but, ATI drivers are just awful. So my vote goes to Nvidia...

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    I have always herd that they were same in performance & that you were just paying more for the intel name. My son was shopping around & did quit a bit of research when he was looking for a gaming lap top & found that yes you are paying more for intel but because the chip performed better than the AMD. By how much I have no idea & I doubt the difference between the two were even noticeable. AMD has a slightly different set up than intel but quite easy to figure out after building a tower gamer box using an AMD chip.
    So if you want to save a few bucks & are not worried about tip top performance get an AMD. Or if you are just used to intel get that. Ether way you will have a good chip.

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    Generally AMD processors are ~10% and often less, and have different architecture. The difference in performance is miniscule, and in my opinion, not woth 10%.

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    In my experience and opinion intel are always overpriced and overpowered. Though i agree that in many respects they do have better performance than an AMD chip, AMD doesnt leave quite as big a hole in your pocket and leaves a little more for other components. If you build to budgets it can be the difference between a passable build with a uselessly overpowere cpu or a balanced build with an equally good, but not quite as powerful cpu.

    Personally I prefer AMD, I like to get my monies worth before upgrading so that means the ability to overclock stably is a must. In my experience thats never been a strong point for intel who focus on getting everything its capable of straight out of the box and requiring an upgrade at relatively short notice.

    With my system building style and ethos in mind, that means Intel systems inevitably have a shorter lifespan.
    Currently running an asus crosshair 1 with an AMD 7750BE OC'd to 3.1GHz (2.7GHz stock), due an upgrade pending available funds.

    though the OP didnt ask for it I noticed some are giving GPU / board preferences. stuck with nvidia at the moment, but next upgrade will see a switch to a multi gpu board (both crossfire & nvidia support) under dual bios. Looking at reviews Gigabyte seem to do the best AMD line at present (UD 3/5/7 models)

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    Personally I prefer AMD, and am in the process of building my first proper gaming rig at the moment using a Phenom II X4, though 90% of my equipment ends up being Intel because most off the shelf systems from a few years back came with it.

    Also, most of my computers that I still put to good use are considered pretty dated, having about 1 - 2 GB of RAM and Pentium 4/D/Dual-Core CPU's, and even being 5 and over years old they still run great. I personally think there isn't a whole lot of difference between the two though Intel is certainly quite a bit more expensive. AMD is also easier to overclock if you are into that sort of stuff.

    Also for motherboards and GPU's like others have mentioned, most of my PC's have Intel boards in them, which use high - quality caps and various other things, and seem stable enough. When buying my motherboard for my new desktop, I went with Gigabyte because of good reviews and decent prices. GPU's I don't really have a favourite but will agree Nvidia has much better drivers and support.

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