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    Time to introduce myself.
    I'm Alex, 34 years-old.
    I'm a DL, practising since my teens. I wore my first diaper in the adult age at 23.
    I mostly wear to bed, not in public. I like to wet my diapers before going to bed and in the morning and if circumstances allow also to messy my night diaper in the morning.....
    I'm single and dreaming to find a DL mate to share my interests and who knows...
    ADISC look a great community, so many interesting posts....and profiles...
    talk to you soon,

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    Hey alexN, welcomed to ADISC.

    Any interest outside of diapers? We're (nearly) all ABs, TBs and/or DLs here, so diapers are pretty much our common thread - so since an interest in diapers is the norm here, it doesn't really tell us much about your personality. Telling us details such what you do in life, what kind of books/movies/video-games you enjoy, what hobbies you partake in, et cetera would be really appreciated

    Quote Originally Posted by alexN View Post
    I'm single and dreaming to find a DL mate to share my interests and who knows...
    [...] and profiles...
    I do feel the need to point out that the above quote seems to imply that you might be looking to use ADISC much like a dating site. I feel obligated to point out that the rules make an explicit mention that ADISC is not a dating site. Sorry if I'm reading too much into this, but I just figured better safe than sorry.

    In any case, I hope to see you around,


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    Hi Alex,
    welcome to the group. We would really like to hear a little more about the person behind the nappies, so like Near says how about things like hobbies, favourite types of music, books, that sort of thing.

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    What they said; and you know this is a 13+ site, 18+ sites allow for more freedom to talk about what goes on beneath the diaper-covers.
    We love that you joined us; and have much to offer. As to finding partners for play or more, this is the internet where you can be in two places at once So Daily Diapers, Fetlife, RUP, Diaperspace are a better bet to find a mate.

    But I know you must have more on your mind than just that, would you care to help us help you with whatever it may be?

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    Racoon what is RUP short for? Googled and came up with a load of engineering stuff

    Never mind found it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCBaby View Post
    Racoon what is RUP short for? Googled and came up with a load of engineering stuff

    Never mind found it!
    Save me - and everyone else who lacks that knowledge - the effort... what does it mean!?

    Sorry. Off topic.

    Hi, alexN!! Welcome to ADISC.
    Seems like a fair introduction, but as mentioned... it puts you in with another 5000 users (don't quote me, the number is obviously exaggerated!!)
    What hobbies/interests do you have outside your DL life? Personally, I like knowing what music people are into... I can tell a lot about a person by their musical taste and repertoires so yeah, things like that!

    And yeah; not a dating site, but a bloody great place to meet and share with like-minded, open-minded people without concern.

    Look forward to reading whatever you have to contribute to the boards.


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    it's a web site for what looks like all gay ab/tl which may make it 18+, better ask racoon, I've had my hands slapped by the mods once this week.

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