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Thread: Tena Super Vs ATN

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    Default Tena Super Vs ATN

    Need an opinion. We need a Diaper comparison sticky IMO, where people can post, Q blank v blank. Then people can answer.

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    Well, Tena Super's are the pull-up kind, IIRC... so I'm going out on a limb and assuming you mean the Tena Slip range, which are the tape-ups. I can't give a comparison to the ATNs as I've never tired them, however, I'll say a few words about the Slip's.

    I've only tried the Tena Slip Maxi's before and I think they're a one of the best diapers I've ever tried (and that's in competition with Bambino's, Abri-Form X-Plus and Molicare Super Plus). Of all the diapers I have tried, they fit me the best. I found them a little more discreet than the other diapers and they have a great absorbency/thickness ratio. I had no problems with the tapes at all.

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    In the USA Tena Supers are tape-on diapers. Their absorbancy is excellent, but Tena recently switched to an all-cloth outer covering with velcro fasteners instead of tapes. I used to wear these a lot... but I found that the velcro fasteners wouldn't hold snug enough to give a comfortable fit that didn't sag all over the place. The fasteners kept pulling off of the back of the diaper.

    I haven't tried ATNs that extensively... but I say go with them b/c they are plastic backed.

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    That is what I was planning on DF, we have Tena's here POSSIBLY, but only if our Walgreens store has them.

    all-cloth outer covering

    Edit: ATN's all the way now I suppose.
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    [QUOTE=Lukie;81039]Well, Tena Super's are the pull-up kind, IIRC... QUOTE]

    No there not buddy. Someone didn't do there research.

    In my opinion, the Tena suck now. They switched from a plastic backing to a cloth backing. I'm all about plastic backed diapers, so that rules out the Tenas.

    I've found the Atn's to be very good. Highly absorbant and at a very reasonable price. I recomend them to anyone looking for a good diaper.

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    Thanks John, but Darkfinn already pointed it out!

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    TENA-Pro-(Absorbancy of an Abena X-Plus (give or take a wetting))
    TENA-Con-(Paper Backed)
    TRANQ-Pro-(Decent Absorbancy, nice salmon colored interior)
    TRANQ-Con-(Tapes don't un-stick, BUT DO become loose after time)

    Reccomendation: Abena Super. Highly absorbant, and not too thick for public.

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    Have you guys seen the northshore care thing.

    Currently only size youth has cloth like rustle free exterior. I love ATN's, they are the perfect somewhat cheapo and great plastic diaper. I refuse to buy one that doesn't have plastic, if they go to cloth, I demand that everyone here that has ever used them complains. Immediately after they switch.

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    What? I mean that the X Smalls/youth are cloth covered which as we know is crap. This can't happen.

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