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    hi I'm Jeremy

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    Hi, I'm eeyore. Welcome!

    (Any chance of a more comprehensive introduction? We have a great cheat sheet for starters!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 284 View Post
    hi I'm Jeremy
    Hi Jeremy

    Why not tell us more about yourself.

    What movies u like?

    What music u like?

    faverite food?

    faverite colour?

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    Well hi.

    Anything more to say?

    Perhaps you could check here > < to see kinda what we expect

    If not, maybe you wouldn't mind answering some questions, so we can get to know you a bit better...!

    ... Can you dance?
    ... Do you have a favourite type of cheese?
    ... Are you lactose-intolerant? (If so, please disregard previous question )
    ... If you were to be an animal, what would it be?
    ... Bath or shower?

    Welcome! Hopefully we will see a bit more of you around the site than just your name!


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    oh and welcome to ADISC dude, hope u have fun here

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    Hello, I see you poured a huge amount of effort into that! :P

    Why not tell us some more about yourself? Stuff like; hobbies, music you like, favourite films, books you like, your favourite type of cracker to go with Dan's cheese, stuff like that!

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    Hi there Jeremy,
    welcome to the group, As everyone else hsa already said it, I won't add to it, but I just checked your profile and even that is pretty thin. This is a very friendly, supportive and open community, having said that you do need to give people something to work on, most people will look at your profile and intro and say something along the lines of "If he can't be bothered........". It is a case of the more you put in, the moe you will get out of it. So over to you.

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