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Thread: Why Do we love DIAPERS??

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    Lightbulb Why Do we love DIAPERS??

    Sometimes when I'm sitting in my apartment with nothing but a wet nappy on, I become in awe of myself. I mean, I enjoy sitting in a puffy, soft, absorbent, crinkly undergarment full of my own urine; I think to myself, "Wow, I really love this!?" I don't understand the full reason why I love it, and sure, we can do a psychological analysis and read an article on infantilism, but it shocks me how strong my desire is to wear diapers and act like a baby. The lengths I go to to get diapers, to buy baby wipes, baby oil, powder, etc. Nothing compares to the efforts I put into obtaining accessories for my ABDL desires.

    Sometimes in the past I was so ashamed of my fetish, but now I've really start to love it and be proud of it. Places like this help me to love my desire even more. I'm not even embarrassed to go to a Walgreen or something and buy the cheap diapers (only in case of an emergency because I prefer top quality ; ) )

    Am I the only one that reflects on their fetish like this? What does everyone else like about diapers?

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    No, you are definitely not the only one that asks these questions and ponders about it. I aske my self every time I go into my room and pull out a diaper why I enjoy it so damn much. But, as of late, I slowed down all those thoughts and learned to just enjoy it, especially because its a hell of a lot better than the habits I started doing when I rejected this side of me (i.e. lots and lots of drugs.) So what if I wear diapers at 16? Its a lot better than going and getting high to avoid it. And what do I think of diapers? Well, I started and continue to wear them for my bedwetting, but I wear them a lot during the day also. It used to be sexual, and it still is once in a blue moon, but overall I just absolutely love having the convenience of being able to pee whenever I need to go. Its a freedom that will never be surpassed. I also just love the overall feeling of being locked into a soft, bulging white fluffy diaper. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it .

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    I have pondered on the thought, but as said don't think just enjoy. Also as said if its keeping me away from worse things its a good thing.I will continue to just wear without thinking i guess.

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    If it isn't causing me stress I don't see a problem with it. Since this actually helps to reduce stress it is a win-win.

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    I think we create a fantasy world for ourselves, one that is safe and secure. By becoming the baby or toddler, we revert back to a time where as a baby, all our needs are provided. We are protected from the world, and our world is simpler, undemanding. No one judges a baby. It can't fail, get bad grades, make the boss mad or disappointed. Everyone loves the baby and finds it cute and adorable. And so we go to that world, wearing and using diapers. I love it.

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    I really can't explain my love of diapers except to say that it's simply a part of my sexuality. Some switch got flipped there when I was a young child, and since that time, wearing diapers has been scarcely less stimulating than sex. Regarding being ashamed: I was definitely ashamed of myself early on. When wearing a diaper, I would often be saying to myself, "What am I doing? This is stupid. I'm going to get caught." At the same time, the diaper felt amazing and I didn't want to take it off.

    I don't know if I'd call myself "proud" to be a DL, but I'm no longer ashamed of it, and am in fact quite happy to be able to indulge my desire for diapers when the opportunity presents itself. I do sometimes wonder what created this fetish I have, but I've more or less come to terms with the fact that I'll never know. It is fun to wonder, though. My first interest in diapers occurred while my younger sister was still wearing them, and so I would use hers. Did seeing her running around in a diaper cause me to want one? No idea. It is an awfully convenient theory, but I have no memories of jealousy or anything else to prop it up with.


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    I have to wear because of IC and was ashamed at first - now I reckon they help me live a "normal" life - whatever that is and I am not ashamed of being in a love-hate realtionship with them - love 'em because they have become part of me - hate'em when they let me down by leaking.

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    The real deep down underlying reason that makes me want to wear nappies... I have absolutely no idea! But I've accepted it as something positive that's a part of me now, and I'm not really interested in the "why" anymore. I agree with you in the way it becomes an obsession sometimes. I can spend ages looking up baby products and accessories, but I don't just purchase any old one - it has to be perfect.

    The main thing I like about wearing nappies is they make me feel cosy, warm and protected. Since I eliminated all that guilt I ever had, it's just pure bliss.

    I agree with dogboy that it is like a fantasy world I can escape to. In a way, it's a direct portal to my 'happy place' and no one can take that away from me

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