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Thread: OMG...I think i got caught, but I'm not sure

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    Question OMG...I think i got caught, but I'm not sure

    So I share an apartment with my sister and I keep my Diapers in a locked bag so she doesn't find them (nor could try to if she wanted). The thought of my sister finding out about my most personal hobby just isn't something I'm ready for at this juncture of my life( and it may never be), but the other day I thought she was gone for the night so I ran for the bag grabbed the pwder and secured myself nice in tight in a Wellness Brief. Plus I put an ultra Booster so it was extra bulky ; ). I'm sitting on the couch on my laptop browsing the web and I here the door lock turn really fast.

    I had barely anytime to react, and the way the apartment is set-up is like a loft so there are no doors. I jump behind the stand alone shelf we have and run for the covers.

    Anyone in their right mind looking at my pose on that be under the covers would say, "gee I wonder what he's hiding?"

    I see her through the shelves and she is frozen.
    "I'm not even going to ask." And she walks to her side of the apt.
    The diaper was wet at this point so I couldn't just take it off.
    I Needed to get in the bathroom which was on her side of the apt.

    Finally, she comes over to the couch and says,"Can I sit."
    (I have a fleece blanket covering me completely at this point. So it just looks like I'm cold.)
    I said yeah, "I'm just naked under here, that's all." It seems like she plays dumb and says, "You're naked?" Sort of like she didn't notice anything at all when she walked in.

    Maybe she just saw me running and was like that's weird, ya know?
    After she sits down on the couch I go and "shower" take the diaper off and manage to sneak it out to the trash shoot.

    We haven't spoken about it since and she never asked about it. I'm not going to hang on to this, but do you think she saw them or she just thought I was acting weird??

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    Dunno might have done, I used the 'I'm naked' excuse alot to lol, can't beat a classic excuse.

    I guess only she knows if she saw you, it's a 50 50 chance. Sorry I know that isn't helpful

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    i guess if she saw you she's just not mentioning it for the best, just don't mention it to her from what i read she most probably hasn't seen it.

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    Ehh she probably just saw a blur as you shot out of the room. She wasn't prepared to have fast reflexes, you know? The "I don't wanna know" is just a reference to you bolting out of the room. lol

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    I think you are safe, even if it was a close one, she didn't mention anything afterwards so just relax, sometimes this thing can make you a little paranoid imo XD

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    IDK if she knows or not but I'm not sure what worrying about it does anything for you except stress you out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    IDK if she knows or not but I'm not sure what worrying about it does anything for you except stress you out.
    It's not so much that it stresses me out. I just can't imagine what someone would think walking into their apartment to see a grown adult running around in nothing but a diaper !! I've moved on from it, but I just wanted some other opinions on the matter. I don't think she saw it, but I guess I'll never know

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    To be honest, a generic sisterly thought I would imagine here with you on the laptop hiding under the covers and given the response she had to it, would be that she thought you were masturbating.

    In which case she might roll her eyes a bit at it, but probably won't hold it against you.

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    Yea, sisters finding brothers doing the naughty is nothing new Let's hope it was that. If she did happen to see your diapers, be glad it was your sister and not another family member.

    At least in my family, my sister is the most understanding. I'm pretty sure she found out about my diapers at an early age... but was older, and taken psych classes- so didn't freak/say anything.

    Just by odds alone, I'd say sisters are more understanding... as they've grown up with our generation, seen weird(er) stuff than parents, and are just generally more accepting than say... a mom or dad. Granted, I've only had an older sister... but you two are living together so I'm guessing you're both adults.

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    I think she might saw something but is just not sure so she just shrugged it off. But maybe more like what BMFox said.

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