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    Hello everyone, I don't suppose I'm any more particularly special out of the other Tbs on here, but I guess I'll introduce myself to relieve some pressure that's been building on my chest for about 3 years now. currently I'm a bored high school student constantly unsatisfied with the fact that he has to deal with another two years of this garbage before I can spread my wings.

    I'm not really sure if I can consider myself to be a full TB yet, though. So far, my interests have not extended out of the view of babyish clothing or objects. I have yet to work up the nerve to purchase diapers, mostly out of fear that I'll be discovered.

    So for now, mostly my TB habits consist of dressing myself in babyish clothing, mostly footed pajamas, while sucking a pacifier whenever I get the chance. The pacifier would probably be the biggest part of the TB interest for me. I've used pacifiers secretly since the eigth grade, when I went as a baby for halloween along with my friend who had been habitually using binkies for quite a while.

    My friend was the first to introduce me to the culture, helping me buy my own pacifiers and clothing and showing me a few websites on the fetish. Since my braces came off, I've consistently sucked a pacifier almost everyday, which I'm sure can't be healthy, but is still a better way to let off stress than smoking or drugs.

    Alas, my friend moved to another state, and since then, I've kept my habits under tight wraps since then, with nobody having the faintest clue about my pacifier addiction or other habits.

    In recent years, I've lurked on sites such as Diaper Space or other sites, but it's only now that I've happened upon this site. I'm actually somewhat relieved ot have found a site to let all this off my chest and find some support in other TBs or ABs. From what I've seen so far, you guys look to be a supremely kind and helpful bunch.

    Of course, when I'm not indulging in the habit, I tend to enjoy Video Games, Reading, Playing Tennis, or Cosplaying. I've been attending more and more comic book and anime conventions lately, and surprisingly enough, it's really helped me to break out of my shell in being a more social person in general.

    I'm also very in tune to politics and current events, thanks mostly to my father who has taken it upon himself to ensure that his children are comeletly up to date on what's happening in the world (That matters, according to him). as a result my biggest ambition is to study politics at a high level American or canadian University, depending on how well I do in school.

    So I hope I didn't bore you to tears, but I'd just like to say again how glad I am that I happened upon this sight and how I look forward to partikign in discussions here.

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    Hi DoctorIndigo,
    welcome to the group, thaat;s probably the best intro I've seen for a while, you got any other hobbies or interests, favourite music, books, movies or tv shows? I sure you'll find lots of people onhere share your interests, so find a few forums you like the look of and dive in.

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    bored to tears? hardly.

    you guys look to be a supremely kind and helpful bunch.
    We are, indeed.

    Your story will resonate with many here; I was at a recent Alberta abdl camp and pacis were just as much the focus of many peoples' attention as the diapers themselves. In fact, I was amazed and appalled at only one thing there... Seeing how hard it is for many of our younger brethren to get a paci, it upset me to see a number of them left on picnic tables or in folding chair cup-holders or even on the ground... I am not a paci-fancier but for those who are I would have thought they would be treated as sacred objects. Most people did actually keep them on a string or clipped to a collar... but some... just a couple...

    Please tell us more about your cosplay, and what you mean when you speak of spreading your wings. Clearly you have plans and ambitions. What might they be?

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    It will probably become obvious, but what is Cosplay? and slightly off topic, until today I had been using a babies dummy with a clip at night time to help me relax, but I just recieved my first NUK 5 with a Winnie the Pooh 3d head and Pooh clip, I love it, I tried it out on my afternoon nap and it actually stayed in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Please tell us more about your cosplay, and what you mean when you speak of spreading your wings. Clearly you have plans and ambitions. What might they be?
    To answer the above, Cosplay is a hobby involving the creation - and wearing of - costumes based on characters from popular culture: anything ranging from Anime to Video Games to Webcomics. This mostly occurs within conventions for Comic Books/Anime. In the UK you have the MCM expos in London and Manchester. Over here, I've gone to New York Comic Con, San Francisco Comic Con (Wondercon) and Fanimecon. Acting like said characters is completely optional, however.

    Most often my costumes are based on Video Game characters: my most recent one for Fanimecon was the Scout from Team Fortress 2, and right now I'm planning on creating a Hipster version of Link for my next convention. It's incredible fun for not only me, but for my friends as well, who attend conventions as well. The people you meet at conventions are among some of the nicest people I've ever met. Everyone I've seen treats each other with respect, and everyone has a great time.

    When I siad that stuff about spreading my wings, I was mostly referrring to my ambition to attend a 4 year university on the other side of the country or at the very least, start living on my own and becoming self dependent. I know, you could probably tell me that having to be completely self-reliant isn't exactly a picnic, but I would one day enjoy the feeling of being self-reliant and knowing that my own effort is what's keeping me fed, sheltered, etc.

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    As to cosplay - well- explained, particularly with respect to your own cosplay. This is highly helpful to all readers here, especially ones who are sheltered and unaware of things offered in the great unknown.

    As to independence... I agree. I moved on campus within the same city as my folks and it was for sure the best move I made. My housing there was a tiny bachelor suite in a building attached to a shopping mall, also attached to several campus buildings, including a library and 2 buildings I had most of my classes in; that winter we had a hellish freeze and I did not go outdoors for 3 weeks

    personal independence feels great, to go where you please, as you please... to eat what you want and experiment with (and improve) your own cooking, to have parties at will (or not,) and generally run your own life, under rules of your own making. Wearing whatever you like and having a place for it to arrive mail-order is more icing on a very rich cake. Being able to be with the friends and lovers you choose, out of sight and in private is huge. Running a budget, earning a living, fixing your own car, all this is very good for the old self-esteem and self-confidence... knowing you can make it on your own and answer to nobody: determine your own fate.

    I wish you all the luck in the world with all of this.

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    Thanks for the info on Cosplay, totally new to me, but then so are furries. I too wish you well on your venturing out. When I look back at my life even at 21 I was still looking for somewhere and something to do that mainted the environment I had know for the previous 8 years. Had I had the confidence to branch out at that point, I'm sure my life would have been fairly different.

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