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Thread: Are Diapers Supposed to be a little wide between the legs?

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    Default Are Diapers Supposed to be a little wide between the legs?

    ^Title says it all.

    I got a sample of medium tranquility ATNs and they're a little wide between the legs, but the small Tranquility ATNs are too small in length... which brings me to my question.

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    If/when you ever change a baby's disposable diaper, you'll notice that the narrowest part of the diaper is not a lot narrower than the baby! There's a lot of room in that middle section so that #2's have somewhere to go.


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    OH good.... I was slightly paranoid that I was between diaper sizes ^_^

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    If god forbid you mess the diaper that extra room helps.

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    Also the width helps position the leak barriers (thin bits you migh hardly notice) that help stop the wetness escaping down your legs and allow the absorbent material to do its job.

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    The extra width also allows for expansion room for superabsorbent polymer gels. If not for the width, it would bulge too high in the center and any additional liquids would run out the leg openings.

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    Every diaper is cut differently. Abenas, for example, are on the wider side, while attends are narrower in the crotch. It really just comes down to your personal preference. I find that diapers that are too wide at the crotch tend to fold and bunch up more, so I prefer narrower ones.

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    The crotch is where most of the pee ends up in most cases. Makes sense for there to be a lot of padding there.

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