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Thread: Ouch!! I did dented it D:

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    Unhappy Ouch!! I did dented it D:

    Look what I did :'(

    Look what I did! I was transporting my 3.5" heavy-bastard of a hard drive from my external case into my server -- when I noticed it was hot and started to burn my hands. It fell out, and the corner of it SLAMMED into my Mac. :'(

    The dent is HUGE! the picture doesn't really show it, but the dent stretches across about an inch in total (difference in depth from the rest of the case...)

    I'm so mad at myself! As if the poor girl didn't have enough aesthetic defects from getting bashed around by my mom ='(. Now I got this ultra-noticeable defect... grar

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    Completely off topic at your expense: if your HDD is hot enough to burn your hands, then my HDD might actually be 60C.

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    Thank's for the reinforcement of my epic failure, Alex. woot4u. not xP


    this one was probably around 50C

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    Long as it works be happy .

    Of course I can't say much, I'm ridiculously anal about the appearance of all my possessions =/. I'd probably go into shock if that happened to my computer case, lol.

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    Mine is 60C.

    Get Fixadent. Car dent thing, fix it! I'd be pissed if I dented mah puter. The fail of me getting caught is 9999999x worse than your fail though.

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    Only a mac user would care about the physical aspect of his computer XD See, as a PC user, my first concern would be to check if there was any internal hardware damage..

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    mm3, good thing these laptops can take a bit of a beating...I like to think of my powerbook as a kitten that had lost part of its tail and ear when it was a stray, but now it's found a good home ... and yes Sawaa, only a Mac user would compare his laptop to a cute kitty :P

    My kitty..err laptop:

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    thank god macs are pretty durable since most are durable with metal or epoxy cases.

    is that a titanium g3 or macbook pro?

    just run system utility and make sure everything is ok. it should be ok cause the hard drive is on the left side. and the motherboard is underneath the keyboard and the memory is under the keyboard or on the bottom of the computer. hope it helps

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