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    So I finaly got it confermed the other day that I do have neurogenic bowel ( I had a colonoscopy last monday). The Dr. Agreed that the MACE procedure would help me out. Has anyone had it done and what can I expect durring the recovery and after?

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    I have not had this but some websites suggest a high rate of success that is improving as techniques are getting better. As I am in the UK I won't point you to sites here where people recount their experiences - but there are quite a lot. Several people have referred to this info sheet from Australia which gives the basics:

    Good luck - I hope it all goes well

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    Hi Gadget,
    I have not had this procedure, but I was watching a uk documentray on disabled kids that had been followed at regualr periods since birth, and one of the Girls has SpinaBifida and actually had this operation performed at Guys in London, Post op she was very well but initially found the process very painful however with time and a lot of help from her mum it soon became part of her routine. It also meant once she was self caring she could go for a school trip for the first time ever wearing what she called proper knickers (Girls pants)( which she was happily showing off to all her friends by lifting her skirt up) as until then she'd been in either nappies (at night) and pull ups during the day, She had had bladder surgery earlier. I read the Aussie report and that say that 30-45 mins is all it takes to perform the clean out, all I can say about that was it was taking her nearer 2 hours every second morning.

    But I hope that it all goes well for and that it does make the difference you are hoping

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