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    Default Hey everyone

    Hello everyone!

    I'm a closeted diaper enthusiast in my mid thirties, working as a
    Taxi driver at the moment. I have a family that includes my lovely wife and son
    and many animals. Between spending time with my kid and well, all of my
    family, i don't have much time for any other hobbies.

    Diapers are a fairly new thing for me, been wearing for about a year now.

    What i expect from this site is information and peer support, already found
    a lot of the former, thanks for that

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    Well hello there!

    What a fantastic introduction - we're pleased to have you here!

    I'd just like to say how fascinated I am by your country and population. My last boyfriend moved to England from Finland for us to be together and I pushed him for many details of his home. I also came very close to visiting, but we split up a week before we were due to fly

    Anyway, welcome here! We always like to try and find out more about our members' personal lives (without being too intrusive of course!) so... I have questions!

    ... When you say 'closeted', how closeted is that? Does your wife at least know?
    ... What animals do you have? I volunteer at a wild animal sanctuary from time-to-time, so also have a strong interest in animals.
    ... Do you have a favourite genre of music?
    ... Do you enjoy being a taxi driver? It sounds interesting!

    Anyway, welcome again! Glad we could be of some help and we hope you stick around and get to know us so we can offer more

    Have fun here!

    Dan x

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    Thanks for replying

    Nope, my wife doesn't know, atleast not yet. Been trying to figure out
    the best and least shocking way of letting her know... Might take a while
    still before i'm ready to tell her... maybe i'll get caught and it all worls out well
    in the end, who knows

    We have two dogs, a cat and some smaller critters, which i don't like too
    much btw... The dogs are great though, my first choice for a pet
    Have my hands full with the younger one, she's only 3 months old...

    Any music is fine except some real hardcore heavy metal etc..
    The taxi driving "thing" is just something i'm doing until i find a job
    opportunity for something i like... So no, don't like it too much...

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    Ah - I sensed as much. What kind of job are you looking for, anything in particular?

    A 3 month old, huh? Wow - definitely a lot of hard work! And plenty of diapers! You must be sick of the sight of them!

    I prefer dogs to most anything else, too... I only have a small place at the minute, though, so have a "smaller critter" for now! I have a chinchilla called Kiki

    You will find - if you should choose to look for them - many threads about telling people and breaking the news etc, hopefully you might find some help for that, too. It's a big thing. How do you feel she might take it? I mean... You must know her well by now, so do you feel you can predict the reaction?

    EDIT: Your English is awesome, by the way! Sorry if that sounds patronising, but I think it's a hard language to master.

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    Hmm, i think i'm just looking for anything that pays decent and has more tolerable hours than this... Might have something to do with people, as that's one of the few things i like about this job, meeting new people.

    No diapers around i'm afraid as the young one is a dog
    I did suggest that we put her in diapers though, getting sick of cleaning up after the pup

    Thanks for the tip, i've been browsing the forums a bit before, decided to start contributing now.

    About the wife situation, i have a feeling she would take it pretty well, she's medically incontinent so she's not that unfamiliar with diapers... It's just not the same thing and i know she doesn't enjoy wearing diapers herself.

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    Hi there, yes, you express yourself well, and we fully understand the situation. as to support, what you'll find here goes beyond simple "approval" - or even particular personal problems a member has... we are happy to help withthose, but what we offer&nbsp; goes beyond what we wear, or for whichever personal reasons. <br><br> Some find it a turnon, others find a feeling of security and relaxation, still others get into it as a spillover from a related fetish. There are cross-dressers with a differently-gendered persona, (not all of them m&gt;f!,) there are those into latex, satin, lace, other fabrics... there are ageplayers for whom diapers are just an accessory, there are watersports enthusiasts, and many incorporate it in different bdsm scenarios, especially forced situations, involving humiliation.
    Obviously certain furry people, especially babyfurry ones are padded in their imagination and illustration, and many in costume irl - and this isn't so much a kink to them as it is part of who they are, a manifestation of their personality, just as much as the live fantasy types, or the Trekkies (er... Trekkers.)<br>
    While the sexually-involved roleplaying is not something Adisc can help you with as such, we are all about the person doing theroleplayng, reassuring them, incorporating them into the community, and looking out for them.<br>
    Many come here to find friends, fellow travellers-in-padding, and this is a terrific site to find people who are compatible with you, in your music, hobbies, politics, books, tv, and movies, why I daresay even abdl's with kids! We have groups of all sorts, from plastic pants fanciers to soccer team supporters.<br>
    There are Adisc members who meet for live fun, coffee and munches, booking playzones t be littles at; England has such meets... but littles groups exist elsewhere too, and some of them have their own websites! Try the New Jersey Littles or Calgaryabdlmeetup here in Western Canada. <br>
    Seriously, you or someone else should create a "rl Adisc parents" group, and for every member in it (or couple) I guarantee there are many more padded parents who will read it with great interest. but don't want to announce they are in fact parents, who keep this private from their kids... &nbsp; I happen to know of more Adisc members with their own young, and who will have common issues.
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    Hi Tenator
    Welcome to the group, nice intro and follow up posts. I can sympathise with your wife as I'm also incontinent and I can understand " It's just not the same thing and i know she doesn't enjoy wearing diapers herself" Most people who are IC would give an arm and a leg for 24 hours without nappies or protection. This is going to sound odd, weird or even plain gross, but could give you a way to start talking about your feelings about nappies.

    Have you ever offered to change your wife's nappy? You haven't mentioned what type of IC she has so I don't know if it single or double, but if you are around and she is having a really bad day you could offer, she may freak out, she might be very grateful. I know from personal experience that there are some days when you just want someone there to take care of it all for you. If she is doubly IC it can be a bit daunting and embarrasing for both of you, but if she accepts the offer and lets you help her wash and get into a clean nappy it might bring the two of you a little closer together, and once youhave done it for her a few times it might give youthe chance to bring your love of nappies up. Or again if she accepts help you could go down the route of "listen love, I don't know how you really feel wearing a nappy and having to use it, and I really want to, so I thought I might wear one for a day and not use the toilet" then having gone through the 24 hours without using the toilet, (No cheating) when you arae talking about it afterwards, you could say something like, yes I understand a bit more about how you feel, but when I was wearing one I got this funny feeling........" and go from there.

    Just a few suggestions, you may find when you do tell her that she hates the thought of it and then you really will have to have along and probably upsetting talk. But I hope it goes well. My wife new Iwas IC before we married and the first chance i goit after we were married I told her about my AB feelings. Worked out well for me and I hope it does for you.

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