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Thread: Global Warming

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    Default Global Warming

    I was just wondering how serious everybody thinks gobal warming is.

    I personally think it is a huge issue that needs to be dealt with.

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    GREEN GREEN GREEN cut me ope i bleed green

    my family is uber green we recycle canvas bags everthing we can do we do it
    ive always seen this as a huge issue even people who dont believe in global warmingio urge them to keep earth beautiful and not litter i would keep going but i might rant which i have done too often

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    I don't know anything about it, TBH. I do know that our local supermarket(Publix) has started selling re-usable bags. They still have the plastic bags that you can use, but they want you to use the re-usable ones. My mom has three in the trunk of her SUV. Personally, I think they are just cutting back on costs.

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    i suppose this thread'll produce some interesting's mine for starters:
    let's wait until we're out of the 'last' ice-age before pretending to know what the reality is.
    yep, folks, we're still on the tail-end of the 'last' ice-age....unless this current warm period is just a blip within it.

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    I've read online that a Mars, Venus, and Mercury's average surface temps are increasing about the same our's are. I still think the the classic one passenger per suv that gets 12 mpg has got to go though.

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    Why isn't there a poll option for "it doesn't exist"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allanon View Post
    Why isn't there a poll option for "it doesn't exist"?
    One could also call it "What's Global Warming"

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    That implies ignorance of a theory rather than disbelief in it. Although since you intended that option to also mean "I don't believe it." I'll vote for that one .

    Mind you I'm all for reasonable measures for environmental stewardship. I recycle, I drive fairly slow, and don't accelerate too fast to conserve fuel (and money!), I plant trees, pick up litter, etc. I'm not gung-ho militant about it, but I don't see any reason to treat earth as my dumpster.

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    Since the topic is now open, let me ask another theoretical question. For those of you who think it's a serious issue, I want to know three things. First, how long do you think the earth has been in existence. Second, do you believe in the scientific method. Third, what data do you base your opinion on?

    I believe global warming is a propaganda tool. I also believe the earth is self-balancing, self-sustaining. That does not mean that I think the earth deserves no respect at all since we do all live on it. All I think is that we have very limited data, and while the current data does show a trend, it's not nearly enough to convince me that the way we do everything has to change or we'll all be toast. Come back to me after you've collected data over a period of a few thousand years.

    Extrapolation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You can only go so far with that.

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    Where is the "Global Warming does'nt ****in* exist" button?

    The one reason I need to disprove Global Warming is that it snowed in Georgia. It doesnt f*cking snow in Georgia.

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