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Thread: What do plastic pants feel like

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    Default What do plastic pants feel like

    I have thinking about buying some for nighttime use. Can anyone dscribe how they feel?

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    It really depends on the style you buy! Just like a diaper, they all have various "softness" or crinkle etc.. If you narrowed it down and told us what brand you were thinking on getting someone on here might have them and know what they are like.
    just a little FYI..

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    Over a diaper you feel the leg and waist bands against your skin. And your diapered but slips around inside them when you move.

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    gary's comfortables

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    Love my BabyKins! Feel sooooo comfy over my cotton trainers.

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    I have some I bought at the medical store and some vinyl ones I bought on E-bay. the ones I bought on ebay are clear and I like them the best I can wear them over a pair of underwear with no leaks they are soft and quiet. You don't even know you have them on..

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