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Thread: Liking Diapers as a Kid

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    Default Liking Diapers as a Kid

    When I was in Kindergarden, I met Chris via JDRF (my sister is diabetic). We became great friends. One day, Chris slept over at my house, when I discovered that he wore goodnites to bed. My first thought was "I want one of those!" So he gave me an extra one he brought. The next week, I slept over at his house, and brought it. His parents saw it, but they assumed I wet the bed too. That night, something clicked inside both of us, and we both suddenly wanted to wear the goodnights all day long. We became obsessed with them, and the idea of wanting to wear diapers became the focal point of our friendship. One time he stole a diaper from a cousin and we took turns putting it on. We asked his parents for diapers multiple times. Both of our parents were concerned about us, but we were a happy pair. This type of stuff went on for awhile until 4th grade, we "outgrew" it.

    Years later, I would say in 7th grade, he snuck into his parents room and took 2 of his mom's maxi pads. He told me to put it in my underwear, that it feels awesome. I had done this before to simulate a diaper. Now, I don't know if he's a DL or not, but I think there is a possibility. Is this a phase, that almost all kids that go through it get over, or is there a chance that my friend is a DL? More importantly, the DL side of me was apparent in my childhood, was it noticable in any of yours too?

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    Definitely every kid has the idea. I've had this fascination with diapers since I was probably 8. I never acted on it, but it was definitely there.

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    I started showing an actual interest about 12, 13. I do kind of remember seeing diaper packages when my younger cousins were little and the diaper caught my interest. Hard to say where that came from, maybe because I was potty trained twice. BTW Love the Kickass Avatar. Read the comic and own the movie. Very nice!

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    I will only really speak to the last question (about childhood): Yes, certainly. I would say that I've been a DL since I was in kindergarten. I've pretty much been wearing diapers for pleasure continuously since then, with the only short interruption being my first few months of college (I was distracted). I wore my own old toddler cloth diapers until I could no longer pin them on, then began using my allowance to buy disposables, and ... here I am. 30 years of diapering myself! What a wonderful thing.


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    I remember several times being interested in diapers throughout my childhood. There were always diapers at my grandparents house for my younger cousin and I remember always trying to secretly try them on whenever I was there.

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    In answer to the last question:
    I can remember wearing pullups and asking my mom if it was ok to pee in them.
    I can remember transitioning from pullups to underwear, my mom holding up a pullup in one hand and some mickey mouse underwear in the other and asking me which one I wanted. I pointed at the pullup, but she rephrased the question and then I picked the underwear.
    I remember getting caught trying on old baby diapers (I was probably about 4), it sort of got laughed off and was forgotten about.
    Then I remember another instance when I found a baby diaper that nearly fit me and poured water into it to see what it felt like. I didn't really know what to do with it after that and hid it in my little sisters closet. A few days later my mom found it and I made up a story about being mad at my sister, and putting it in her closet with the intention of it being found so she'd get in trouble.
    Around the age of 6 I found a box of pullups in the back of a closet that just barely fit me and hid 2 under a drawer in the bathroom. I never got up enough courage to try wetting one, and eventually they were discovered and thrown out when the sink flodded.

    So yes, an affinity for diapers was definitely part of my childhood.

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    My liking of diapers began when i saw that my cousin was wearing goodnites to bed, because of bed wetting, and so I was curious, took one and tried it on, loved it, so I wet it, and from there on out, would take one every time I'd stay over there, then I began wearing to other places, took them to school, and would go in the bathroom after school, and put it on, and use it, wear it home, and then hide from parents, and get rid of the evidence, have liked them for many years now... First ones I wore were the white goodnites of the early 90s, and I still have not really tried much else, it's prolly about time...

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    I remember regularly thinking, "I wonder what they feel like?" when I was little, like 3 or 4. Eventually that evolved into know...when I was around 11. Then I started to become aware of all things AB/DL, and here I am! ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by irnub View Post
    I can remember transitioning from pullups to underwear, my mom holding up a pullup in one hand and some mickey mouse underwear in the other and asking me which one I wanted. I pointed at the pullup, but she rephrased the question and then I picked the underwear.
    LOL! Ah, parents... I am one, so I freely admit to taking part in mind manipulation every now and then. "Which one do you not not not not not ... want?" (Well, ok, not *quite* like that!)

    I suppose I was lucky to have worn cloth diapers as a kid. My parents kept them around to use as cleaning rags, so they never disappeared! In fact, earlier this year, I was over at my parents house helping my dad with a project. I reached into a box of rags in the garage and... ta-da!! One of my old diapers!


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    I went to a special school for elementary school there were lots of diaper, I remember being curious about them. I was frequently diapered myself because of dowel accident. I that time I thought I hated it, but looking back I liked. I remember when I like 8 or 9 an aide at school was putting diaper on me, you could tell I was excited if you know what I mean. That was the first real DL moment I remember.

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