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Thread: 99% closeted female newbie

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    Default 99% closeted female newbie

    I've been hanging out (mostly silent) in DailyDiapers and Livejournal diaper communities for a couple years now. I have never heard of this website, and just spent the evening reading others' posts. I think this site might be more what I'm looking for, as far as support.

    So I'm really normal, well-adjusted, whatever, aside from this kink. I've never told anyone about it, except for my current boyfriend, which happened about a year ago. I just detailed it in this response:

    I'm an introverted homebody, but when I go out, I like to go with my boyfriend. What do we do? This past weekend, we went hiking at a state park, a restaurant afterward for drinks and dinner, and a walk by the river. Seeing/renting movies, etc. Next weekend we plan to rent a canoe.

    MOVIES I love: Royal Tenenbaums, LA Confidential, 50 First Dates

    FOODS I love: comfort foods: mashed potatoes, risotto, cheesecake

    HOBBIES: writing in my journal (I'm pretty introspective, but only started writing about THIS side of myself on Livejournal >20 entries I think). Making bead jewelry (recently expanded to more complicated "weaving" style). Travelleing (I have been to Mexico twice, and all the Hawaiian islands, and want to visit Seattle, New England, Vancouver, Denver and somewhere in the Carribbean soon). Reading (total magazine junkie).

    I have a major sweet tooth, my current candy fixation are those orange candy circus peanuts.

    I'm here because I want to meet others like me. I'm a DL girl, and my BF is new to this fetish. I have not been able to find any other girls like me in the other two websites I've frequented; maybe this will yield better results? I would like to find male support for my BF, but mostly from guys who are not into it themselves; non-AB/DL. Pretty much everything I can find is about males trying to break the DL news to women. He is happy to participate (!!lucky me!!), but could use some direction (I don't want to be topping from the bottom, if you catch my drift).
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    Welcome to ADISC, Alexa! DL girls, like myself, are very few and far between! I'm glad you found this website. It'll be of great support to your boyfriend and yourself. I think I speak for everyone when I ask what else do you enjoy besides your obvious kink? What TV shows do you like? Movies? Activities?

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    Welcome! Glad to have you here.

    To answer your question, yes, there are several active female AB's/DL's here that can provide you with a wealth of experiential knowledge. They should chime in sometime . Maybe less so on the DL front (you don't see many DL girls, most are AB/TB) but there's certainly some crossover there that should be able to give you some support.

    And of course I suspect you already know there's PLENTY of male support here, heh, for your BF.

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    Welcome to the site Alexa. I think you will be pleasantly pleased with this site. At least I hope so. I go to DD as well, though I don't have an account, and so I don't get involved accept for the surface which they offer. ADISC is different from all the other sites. Because we have members as young as 13, and because we are a support group, we keep it civilized. We are well modded, and follow the rules, which is a good thing. Your boyfriend may choose to make an account here in order to understand you better, and that's very acceptable. We have a number of members who have done that.

    I like that you enjoy hiking, dining, etc., as I do much the same. It's seems like a very normal thing to do. I wish you the best here on ADISC.

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    nice to see another female, welcome to the community.

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    Thanks everyone. I tried to follow the "intro" guidelines, but as for a bit more info about myself... I edited my original post to put in some more details.

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    Welcome to Adisc. I agree with Draugr, most females do seem to be more often AB/TB, but when I think back to my youth and how I always had the feeling that "I wasn't alone" in having this interest, I'm sure you'll find that you are certainly not alone either.


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    Before I joined this site some time ago, I too was iffy about most sites out there that was just not what I was looking for. Mostly I read posts and stuff and that's about it. Then I find this website and eventually became a member and started mingling with people for the first time really.

    Well this website does have help articles in regard to you BF. He'll be able to understand from our viewpoints a little better Than someone with no idea about us.

    If you're looking for ways for him to enjoy being in a caretaking role? It's something he'll have to experiment with and test the waters.

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    Welcome! Yeah, there can be some scary stuff out there! But the mods here at adisc do a great job of keeping that stuff behind closed doors so to speak.. they aren't too willy-nilly like letting pretty much anything fly. I hope we can warm you and help you feel accepted and not alone, because you're not! There's lots of us here and we're only a PM away. As for your post, sounds like you have a good guy, who is understanding to your wants/needs. Don't let your fetishism bother you, I did for years and it made me a distant person. Ever since I came out to my wife and she has welcomed it with open arms, I couldn't be living a more happy life accepting me for who I am, and knowing I have someone who accepts me for me as well.

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    Yeah, the mods on this site do an awesome job of keeping out creepers. I gotta say the quality of this community gets an A+ from me, in comparison to any other forums I've been to. We have pretty high traffic and a large active member userbase and trolls/creepers are dealt with swiftly.

    So, you get the people who actually want to help and talk about this stuff, and are not just looking for...well, sexual gratification, to put it clinically.

    You might actually have a bigger problem finding someone for your BF to talk to now that you mention what you're specifically after - most of the non AB/DL members we have here that are asking for help with their SO are females wondering how to deal with their BF/spouse now that they know this about them.

    But, like I said, there's a large active userbase . There's bound to be someone on here who can answer his questions.

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