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Thread: 9/11...

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    Default 9/11...

    ... Primarily, conspiracy theories.

    I know the ten-year anniversary is almost upon us and this is still sensitive, but - before you flame me - just read on!

    There has just been a documentary on TV here in the UK regarding conspiracy theories on 9/11. I watched it because I'm interested in the idea of conspiracy theories - and the other side of an argument in general - and because I have an open mind. I was quite prepared to have my mind blown by damning evidence should it be presented to me.

    I have to say, though, it was the biggest pile of flaky, circumstantial, dodgy and half-cocked bullshit. There were more holes in the conspiracy theories than in the official reports and they ignored many things completely.

    By the end, I was just raging at their blind ignorance, their repeated bottom line of "Yeah, it was all for the oil" and their alarming dismissal of all the lives lost.

    At the end of the day, does it really even matter? Why is it so difficult to just accept this as an atrocity and move on? People died, regardless.

    I have to stand by my own morals, though, so... I maintain my belief in "each to their own" and the right to free speech.

    Anyway... As I must make a discussion of this for it to be allowed, what kind of theories have you heard?

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    I will dignify you with a response... way to use your brain, Dan.

    But i will not dignify this topic with one.

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    I apologise if this seems in bad taste.

    In reality, though, it is simply a rant at these stupid theories and the stupid programme they wasted time and money to make on them.

    I genuinely don't see it as offensive... Aren't we big enough to talk about it, or is it still generally swept under the carpet?

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    ok... fine... you got it out of me. I will respond. I did not mean to come off as angry. Just with the timing and it being so heavy on a lot of American's hearts, i don't want to give place to someone who IS one of those nutjobs to come in here and tick people off. I am big enough to talk about it, thankfully it did not affect me personally. No one i personally knew was involved. But even if the conspiracies were even a little true, it is still tragic and terrible and people that did lose loved ones and were personally affected should not have to deal with it on the week that they are remembering those they lost.

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    I don't really understand why people would make conspiracy's over something that was simple making it seem more hard to understand, what we saw was terrorists fly a plane into the world trade centre and they killed thousands of innocent people, i hope it don't seem like im being rude but i rather keep the story the same without people trying to blame others for it.

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    I'll bite.. but will keep it on a general level (in fact, substitute moon landing conspiracies for my argument).

    The thing with conspiracy theories is you only need to find one thing that is a little out of skew, and even despite mountains of contrary information, that one thing will stand out.

    I think a lot of conspiracy theories are seeded by actual small scale lies/miss-truth ... but are then blown way out of proportion. Individuals, corporations, and governments can pull stuff (and do) on a small scale. I have no doubt that certain groups are behind the scenes for their own gain .. this is going to happen in any large body of people.

    I have a lot less faith in these "thousands of people are in on it" type conspiracies though. If you think about it, everyone who "knows the truth" .. and in most of these outlandish conspiracies is quite a few people.. are now liabilities. They all have to be kept happy.. none of them can get drunk and spill the beans.. none can get fired. I just don't believe it's possible for a large number of people to keep a huge secret for any length of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanDanSuperman View Post
    I apologise if this seems in bad taste.
    It is.

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    But why is it such bad taste simply to post criticism of stupid theorists?

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    I actually have an open mind as to 9/11 being a conspiracy... there is some pretty interesting evidence to it. For instance, the plane that crashed into the pentagon knocked over several lamp posts on it's descent. However, not one of those lamp posts was even dented. Almost like they were programmed to pop out as the plane passed by...

    But I'm not looking to start a debate, just sharing my opinion. And yes, 9/11 was a serious tragedy, I'm not denying that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanDanSuperman View Post
    But why is it such bad taste simply to post criticism of stupid theorists?
    It is not, it is the timing of it. Just now is not the time to give a soapbox to halfwits addicted to the sound of their own voices. To bring it home, if your family lost a serviceman, would you be happy to let a bunch of freaks hijack Poppy Day.

    The anniversary is a time for remembrance of those who lost their lives.

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