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Thread: I dont get it... I really don't get it

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    Default I dont get it... I really don't get it

    K, this is kind of something I will not understand. Maybe someone can enlighten me as to why the Kardashians are so popular. I can't figure it out- sure they're hot, rich and so forth... but WHO CARES? Really, I don't keep up with the Kardashians yet I see them all over the news as if they're a real news story when to me they aren't.

    The reason I am asking this is because I was at a friend's house and they were watching that show. I tried to watch it, but I was SO bored by it I just said 'I'm gonna cut on outta here now... I can't stand those Kardashians.' One of my friends looked at me and asked,
    'How can you not like them? They're hot!' I shrugged. Yeah, I do like hot girls, but girls that aren't comeplete airheads as the Kardashians. I looked at my friend and said,
    'They're not my cup of tea, dude. I prefer smart girls over dumb rich airhead girls with no brain in them,' And I left.

    Oh! And another one I can't get... Jersey Shore. I really can't figure out or understand that show. From what I've seen of that tripe, all they do is get drunk and act stupid. Can someone enlighten me on how these shows continue to exist? Am I so out of touch as an American who prefers more culture, and less reality stars?

    Am I really the only one out there that can't stand shows like that?


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    Maybe because everyone keeps talking about them, even the people that don't care. IE: You, me.

    Like with trolls or WBC, ignore them and they'll likely lose their power.

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    I guess people like to see others do and say dumb things.
    Personally, I don't really care if they're around or not. That goes with every celeb who has done nothing to become famous. Paris Hilton for example. Don't love 'em. Don't hate 'em. Don't nuffin' 'em :P

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    The Train Wreck observer. You want to look away but you can't stop staring
    We Love to Hate.
    Allot of people believe she is stupid, crass, uneducated and does not deserve the wealth and attention she has. Just like Jersey Shore.
    Because we believe she doesn't deserve and we hate her for having it we watch to see if she will crash and burn. As well laugh at her being stupid so we can point and laugh at the ugly stupid ethnic moron who has more money than us. Because in some way it makes us feel better about ourselves knowing she has money but she’s an idiot like Jersey Shore and Charlie sheen.
    That’s how it works and the self made celeb and TV exec know this so they become rich as well bring more fuel to the fire. To put it this way

    Act Stupid
    People Talk
    People are curious
    It’s an old sitcom formula with a fly on the wall twist so it more real because this is a real person who acts this way not a character in a script.

    Other shows that use this system are:
    Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares. (Seeing people that delusional with how awesome they are can't figure out why they fail at business.)
    Wife Swap (Seeing the extreme end of family values -what ever those values may be)
    That show Paris Hilten did with her sister.

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    There famous because of the father Robert

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantasticmax2 View Post
    There famous because of the father Robert
    Who's Robert Kardashian? o.O

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    i cant say for the rest of america but trash tv beats fox news no contest.seems like if the nation as a whole is discontent with where it is than we need trash tv for a distraction,the real world,keeping up with the kardashians,jersy shore and any other tv "reality" show that idolizes ignorance.

    george remaro once sead that the fears of the nation become crystal clear in mainstream media. i guss that means we are scared stupid.

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    No clue. Are they on a TV show or something? They keep popping up on late night talk shows and Yahoo news, but I can't figure out why either. FWIW, I've seen Kim a couple times, I think on Leno, and she's not even cute. I'd describe her more as plump, Mediterranean, trashy. Offered the opportunity, I'd probably say "no thanks", all the while wondering what else has been in there before me.

    I don't watch anything described as reality TV. I accidentally caught a few minutes of Survivor once while I was in the middle of a project and couldn't turn it off fast enough when I got to a point where I could let go and grab the remote. Never seen Idol, or DWTS or any of those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantasticmax2 View Post
    There famous because of the father Robert
    Partly Their famous because they are rich spoiled house wife and children
    Ossy Osborn started this trend

    The kadashions was is its logical evolution

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