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Thread: Dying computer

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    Default Dying computer

    My computer is experiancing some problems at the moment for starters if you turn it off you have to unpug everything that gets puged into the wall and plug it back in and then my wireless internet keeps screwing up. It will show that the router is working good but it keeps saying that my IP Address isn't valid.

    I have told this to my brother that is really good with computers and he says it's the power supply and that makes sence but I think there's something else wrong with it.

    I try to tell my mom that my computer is dying and she keeps saying stuff like "Well if it was a simple $30 MP3 Player we could fix it but i'm not puting out $1,000 to fix this." First of all we my computer itself is worth $1,000 and it's only going to cost what? maybe $50 for a new power suply, I wish I could get that through her head.

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    Can you take it someplace to get an estimate? If you bought it from a dealer, they will usually give you repair estimates. It's highly unlikely it would cost 1000 bucks to fix, especially when you can buy new computers for 550.

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    My brothr built it and i've got a good computer teacher at my school that can take a look at it, but i'm sick of this crap with my mom she is so thickhead.

    I just looked on and found a 300w power supply for $90.

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    Well, be sure that it is the power supply before you buy one!

    *cuddles* I wove ew big brother, don't stay gone too long!

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    It does sound like the power supply to me, when you say you have to disconnect all of the cables that go from the PC to the wall socket, is this to be able to turn it off or is that to be able to turn it back on, explain a bit more as to what the computer is doing that makes you pull the power out. (Is the screen blank but still making a noise)?

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    I just replaced my PSU a few months ago. I think its like 300 watts (the old one). Anyways has good prices but I wouldn't mind giving you my old one as long as you paid for shipping. Its not like I am going to build another gaming rig with that weak of a PSU.

    Also here is a Antec 350 watt PSU for 19.99 on

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    Cheap power supplies are certainly cheaper than $90. If necessary, get a cheap one for now - it's better than a computer that doesn't work.

    Also, you may want to rethink your strategy concerning communications with your mom: Just tell her you need a new power supply for $50. It sounds a lot better than saying "My $1,000 computer is broken!".


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    Well my brother came over and told her what was going on and said that it ws my power supply, he has two that he is going to bring over in the next few days so yay for me.

    If more needs to be replaced he said that we are looking at maybe $300 to replace every thing from the power supply, motherboard, CPU.

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    +1 to Peachy, I confirmed that it works with my demon mother xD!

    And, it does sound like your PSU. If it's an average PC, not-so-gamish graphics card, you should go for a ~240w (which could go for around $50)

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    I have a 400W maybe I overdid it, next is a 700w or maybe 800w.

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