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Thread: Greetings from Ireland

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    Default Greetings from Ireland

    Hi, I am an AB girl in Ireland. Sometimes I feel im the only one so its great to be able to join a site like this and I hope to make lots of friends.

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    Ooh, an Irish... We don't have too many of those! There are some, though, so hopefully you'll find them out!

    We're open to making friends with new people, so throw yourself into our community and I'm sure you'll get on fine! And you're definitely not the only one - we can all relate to that feeling, though, so... You'll find sympathy here, too

    So - since you're here - why not tell us a little about yourself?
    ... Do you have any hobbies?
    ... What is your favourite-ever song?
    ... McDonalds or Burger King?
    ... What you like best about Ireland?

    Welcome again and we look forward to seeing you around Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have, or search the forum first as it may have already been asked!

    Dan x

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    To answer your questions:

    My hobbies include (please note when Im not in uni): swimming, reading love to sit down with a good novel, walking and knitting. Love to knit simple things like a scarf for a friend.

    My favourtie song: hmmmm I like lots of songs so this is a tough one but there is a soft spot in my heart for Fast Car by Tracey Chapman so I'll go with that one for now.

    McDonald or Burger King: defo have to be McDonalds with there euro-saver meal and happy meals

    What I like best about Ireland: The rugged, rural landscape where you can sit down alone and think for a while if you are stressed it can be lonely something but comforting if something is bothering you.

    Now its your turn to answer them questions Dan


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    Greetings from Cape Town.

    As a fellow newbie to the site i agree its wonderful to have a group of nice people that are into the same thing.
    Thinking you are alone is probably the hardest thing when you feel its something so different to what is considered the norm.

    I hope the community make you feel as welcome and at home as they did for me.



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    Thanks SADL talking to a nice person in chat at the minute

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    My, my - you sound very interesting! Knitting? Awesome! I think it's a dying art-form! And just as a side-note: Would you feel comfortable telling us what you do at Uni?

    As for my answers...

    ... I write, I watch TV, I walk, I take photos, I fly kites - my hobbies are all dull.

    ... That's an awesome song - I love 'Fast Car', had it on repeat in the car for about a month! My favourite song right now... Well, it's just this minute switched from 'Adele - Set Fire To The Rain' (loved the power in her voice) to Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts (the lyrics really get me)... Look it up if you don't know it, it's awesome!

    ... I definitely prefer McDonalds. Everything there is perfect and I totally agree - the 'poundsaver menu' is pretty good!

    ... My favourite thing about Ireland - considering I've never been - would probably be the same as yours. I like the idea of rolling hills and countryside where you can just wander and spend time alone.

    Thanks for answering my questions!

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    Dan your taste in music is pretty much like mine them songs you metntioned i know them and like them too. Hope you dont mind me adding you as a friend on here I would like to talk to you more.

    Im doing Business in Uni - its an intenise course.

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    Wahaay - finally someone with a similar taste in music! Everyone else here only likes metal/grunge/weird shit...!

    And no, course I don't mind - thanks for the add!

    Business - wow... I know a couple of people doing something similar, it seems hard. I did Business at A Level, but I'm glad now I didn't see it through - I'd have failed it miserably! I'm at Uni doing Advertising, so... We kind cross over in a way

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    When I am in a big business and we need advertising i'll send it your way I love my course

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    Sup IrishABGirl, welcome to the forum, always good to see another irish person on the forum. So is this your first year at uni or are you near graduating? I went to uni once..... didnt like it..... now i wish i had of kept going.

    So whats your favourite book

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