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Thread: hello fellow babys

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    Default hello fellow babys

    just thought i would say hello

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    Welcome to the site ^_^...How about telling some stuff about yourself for us?

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    Welcome to ADISC! Come on, don't be shy, you have to tell us more about yourself!

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    I'm not replying untill you say more than "hi"...

    Dammit! I already replied!

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    Hi tractor93, welcome to the site! Do you have any interests, like reading or writing? I'd love to hear more about you, thanks for saying hello, nonetheless!

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    hi yaeh i thought i would put some more up i really like cloth diapers and pacifiers. anyone else?

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    well they might be a lil shy, thx for telling hundreds of us you said hi!

    what do u like best about liking "alternative (disposable/ absorbant) underwear"!!??

    my names Will, I like dipes since i was 11. Did u always like dipes, or maybe was it a really well done pampers commercial when u were feeling stressed out or somethg?

    (not complaining, just looking to get some coversation started!) *ask me anything u want!

    ~ Will
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    Quote Originally Posted by tractor93 View Post
    hi yaeh i thought i would put some more up i really like cloth diapers and pacifiers. anyone else?
    Welcome! I like Pacifiers too. However, what about your hobbies, etc? We prefer to get to know the person, not the AB / TB.

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