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Thread: Diapers with a nylon inner lining??

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    Default Diapers with a nylon inner lining??

    Okay... this is a weird one, I know.

    Is there such a thing as a diaper (or any other diaper-like undergarment) that has nylon as its lining? I'm referring to the kind of nylon that is used for the outer shell of track pants and jackets. That soft, "swishy-sounding" nylon.

    The reason I ask is, I am a DL who enjoys diapers for the fetish-ness of them. They provide wonderful friction feedback when in the process of... uh... self-stimulation. I'm also into track pants, and would LOVE a diaper that was lined with that kind of material.

    Any such thing, or am I barking up a nonexistent tree?

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    I doubt it as I've never seen it. They do make nylon covered plastic pants, however. They of course would not allow liquid to pass through them, so if you wore a diaper over them, the diaper would stay drive. Meanwhile, if you peed in them, the plastic/nylon pant would fill up until it leaked, so I don't think this is what you're looking for.

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    Hi ChekUrDipstik,
    I think I can help you out here. I am into the same situation as you are... eh, enjoying a combination of diapers and sports gear. There is no diaper around that I know off, but you might consider to find some Soffe shorts. Those shorts are made of thin nylon and you can use those under your diaper. you can find them on ebay.
    Watch out, however, because they might bring you in a terrible situation. Those shorts are woven so tight that they do not let go a lot of wetness, so terrible leakages will occur. For this reason for me it was only a one-time experiment.

    Good luck!


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