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Thread: Emotional Issue...

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    baby kiffer

    Default Emotional Issue...

    Every summer, I've had issues with getting things done...especially since high school.

    I've always been paraded as being such a responsible and self-disciplined person, but this drives me insane...

    ...I've just realized that I really do not know what to do with myself when somebody is not telling me to do something. I've been trying to get myself to apply to scholarships and colleges all summer, and I've not gotten anything done. (part of the problem may be that I just don't know where to start...and I know how important this is)

    I just don't feel motivated to do so. That, and I don't feel that I write well enough...but I'm a 4.0 student (which includes honors and AP Classes)...

    ...I just don't understand myself...and I'm sure I'm not the only one here with this issue!

    So...if you all could be so kind...

    I want to know that I am not the only one here with this problem, and I would like to have some suggestions for how to correct myself.

    Very confused and in need of help,

    ~baby kiffer~

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    This sounds a lot like me. I just finished high school but I don't feel motivated to take any college classes online (I have other problems so I'm too afraid to go to an actual college.) even though I'm pretty smart. I don't really have any advice for you except to simply push yourself. Just believe in yourself.

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    baby kiffer


    I guess I've just not grasped that idea, yet.

    I need to push myself.

    There is nobody there in the adult world, except for me. I suppose I've felt like a failure, because I've not done anything, yet. I just need to get up and do it...although, that's pretty-much what I've been telling myself all summer.

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    I'd say it's more of a matter of finding something to pull yourself up to.

    If, as you say, the problem derives from a lack of motivation, you first of all have to set a goal that you want to reach. Once you see it, the only thing you need is moving towards it, but it won't be difficult if you really care about it.

    If you're working on something you desire, motivation comes naturally. If you just "push" yourself without aiming at something, the risk is to make random moves and, then, at a certain point, loose motivation again.

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    Part of this is a guy thing. My wife is the highly organized one, and I'm the typical musician. One thing I learned from her is to make lists. What you need to do is make a list of all the things you need to do to get to college acceptance. Writing the required letter is difficult for most people. I went "creative" and the whole college administration seemed to know who I was when I started as a Freshman. You might consider going to someone who helps adults write resumes for job applications. They might be much the same. Remember that you are selling yourself to the college. And don't forget that you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. They also want your money, so that gives you an edge.

    Often, colleges give you a list of what they want on the letter. Just go about it as if it were an English paper. Make and outline and hit all of the points. Proofread the sucker, and go to someone you trust to look it over. You should be in good shape.

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    With the scholarships- in our school we have the gifted program (I'm in it) the teachers there are VERY helpful when applying for scholarships. We start about 8th or freshmen applying.

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    I don't think you should worry all that much. There will be plenty of people who'll either tell ya what to do, or give you certain deadlines to meeet.

    I'm a bit like you - I tend to push boring tasts to the latest possible moment and then get really hectic and stressed to finish in time. However, I find that I work most efficiently under pressure, and if the deadlines for writing a paper that takes about 2 weeks is 2 months away, I won't bother starting immediately. Heck, I even got a prize for one of my last-minute papers.
    Who knows - you may get your college scholarship even if you apply in the late minute!


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    Get the ball rolling... That's often the hardest step, but everything else sort of follows from that.

    Get yourself to a place (not sure what you'd call it) that gives you advice on applying to colleges. You say you don't know where to start with applying, well they'll tell you! Once you've been there, follow there advice straight away and get applying. Don't leave it and allow yourself to become unmotivated again.

    I often have the problem of losing motivation with things... Make a commitment, booking an appointment with college advice people will be a good start. I find that if I force myself into being committed to something, it's got a better chance of happening.

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    I have DEFINITELY got this problem.

    Except I dealt with it by switching to extreme type B personality (used to be extreme type A) and I stopped caring about getting things done, until the last minute, and even then only if it wasn't going to be too much of an insane job.

    I'm happy with who I am now, but I wouldn't recommend that as a very healthy solution :P.

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    I think you need to find a direction, there has got to be something you want to do, and look into it.

    If you not working at the moment, find a job, that will tell you what the real world is about, once you learn just how far your present education will take you it might inspire you to do better, and pick a direction.

    Or you could become a bum or a barfly, no education needed, just drinking money and a new liver after a few years. LOL

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