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Thread: First day of school

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    Default First day of school

    I have to got to go back to school tomorrow, I's sad

    It is going to suck so bad....

    I'm a bit nervous, not sure why? since, I've been at this high school for ages, I guess, its just like first day jitters or something, not sure.

    I so don't want to start *cries*

    Mississippi SUCKS big time!

    Did i mention Mississippi sucks?

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    aaaw, sorry to hear that charlie. I can understand being nervous, I always am before the first day of school, I think its normal. But you'll get back into the swing of things quickly. Good luck...I'm sure it will be fine when you get there.

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    "hugs and cuddles James rocking him to calm him down" Shhh it's gonna be ok.

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    Going back to school at the beginning of August has to be terrible! In Italy usually holidays start in June and end in September. But then we probably have less holidays during the school year.

    Anyway, as Tom said, I wouldn't worry about it. It's simply a mood related to going from a "free time" period to a "busy time" one, and once you're there, I bet you'll focus on the new things to do and forget about how you're feeling now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenshin Himura View Post
    "hugs and cuddles James rocking him to calm him down" Shhh it's gonna be ok.
    hehe I feels better!

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    I'm with you buddy. We start on the 18th. That too sucks! Actually I can take it from now through Christmas. Do like me and look forward to Halloween, then Thanksgiving with 4 days off, and then awesome Christmas with 2 weeks off. Now you can start to feel depressed, because it's a long haul through Spring break, and on to June. We'll all suffer together!

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    I always hated going back to school to! I left school 4-5years ago now but i do miss certain bits of school, i think the no responsibiliy was part of it, when i was at school i had no responsibility, now im working and have a career its completley different..... stressful and lots of responsibility

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    *slips James a sick note*

    Here, just stay home tomorrow.


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    Yaays! I wonder if it would work? It is a note from a teacher peach from another country, but none the less a teacher! hehe!

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    **huggles James** It'll be ok, you will be fine!! Just take it a day at a time!!

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