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    I wish I could fit into a real baby diaper but with my 32 inch waist forget it at least I think so. I don't like the look of adult diapers but prefer the tight baby look. Any brands out there or evena real baby diaper that I might try.

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    I'm with you, my friend. I like an authentic looking diaper.

    I have always liked the Super Dry Kids that ABUniverse sells; they are exact replicas of early 90s Pampers, down to having one tape on each side. They also came out with another babyish looking line recently. You may want to check them out, although, in the spirit of full disclosure, I won't be buying from them again. (For more info on the ABUniverse fiasco, search ADISC for various threads covering the matter.)

    Also, you may want to check out eBay. A lot of ABDL-aware sellers have decorated up Abenas, Molicares and so on to look babyish. Most are very cute and genuine in appearance. Plus, unlike with ABUniverse products, you'll get a better quality diaper to boot.

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    What adult diapers have you tried? If you are only a 32" waist you would probably need a real size small, not what Depends and store brands call a S/M.

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    If you're 32" you can probably squeeze into a goodnite l/xl I've got a 28-30" or so waist and can wear the girls (never tried the guys).

    I love the pretty pink prints they have on them but, at the same time I don't dare wet in them as they leaked badly on me the first time I used them.

    So I'd love it if there were diapers with cuter prints out there that held a bit more.

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